My Computer - A Children's Poem

by R. Renée Bembry

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My Computer background why it was written...

My Computer was written about the author's daughter who insisted on spending hours on the computer every single day. When she was a baby she used to watch her older brother play educational games on the computer. By time she turned two she operated the mouse with the author's help. And by age three she zipping through programs such as Reader Rabbit, Spy Fox, and Putt Putt.

Although the little girl's computer skills were quite impressive, during those days most people had only one desktop in their homes and laptops had yet to become popularized. For this reason, it sometimes became difficult for others to get turns on the computer, especially the girl's brother and sister. The little girl did not see what the dilemma was so she would continue to play her games that taught her math skills, reading skills, puzzle deciphering and even how to read maps to name a few.

At any rate, the author, R. Renée Bembry decided to write the poem, My Computer, to remind everyone how the little girl insisted on taking over the keyboard and screen for a good laugh at that time as well as when she grew up. Portions of this poem have also been published in educational materials.

"My Computer"

Although I'm just a little girl
My computer is my world.
I sit at it from day 'til night
Computing everything in sight

When Brother says, "Now it's my turn,
To make the rabbit's blender churn."
I say to him, "Computer's closed.
Go wash your face. Go blow your nose."

Soon Big Sister comes along
While I'm listening to kitty's song.
She says, "You've sat here long enough
Hearing train engines huff and puff.

You've seen rain clouds form in the sky.
You've made cute duckies laugh and cry.
So get up now! Go take a break!!
My homework paper cannot wait!!!"

I say, "Just a moment please...
I must capture the doggies fleas.
Then put them in the flea trap box
So I can win a cat named Sox."

She shouts at me.
She screams, "MOMMY!!"
Still I keep striking keyboard keys.
I move the mouse across the pad;
As my big sister calls for, "DAD!!"

Then Mommy walks into the room;
Says, "Sister hush. Gir-r-rl, what's your rush?
Our little baby's learning dear,
Computer lingo at four years.

You should be proud.
You should be pleased.
She operates PC with ease.
Oh, give her just a minute more.
To gather fleas and close the door."

Soon Daddy comes in and I say,
"Look, Daddy, look
My pony's gray.
But I can give him polka dots,
Or stripes or checks or make him neigh.

I think I'll make him beautiful
For teaching me to read galore.
Virtual games are fun to play
And you learn things along the way."

Somehow I manage to survive
For ten more minutes not just five.
Although I'm just a little girl
My computer is my world.

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