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"Kids Write Poetry - Page 2" (FPFK) welcomes children's poetry written by kids who would like to see their poems on this Kids' Page. Poems may be submitted from the form on the bottom left-hand side of this page. All submissions will be reviewed by children's poetry author, R. Renee Bembry to determine whether to place them on this site. Placement is NOT guaranteed. Poems that are posted will include child author's first name and age if provided with submission..

Author R. Renee Bembry also welcomes poetry topic ideas which may also be submitted via the submission form.

After reading the children's submissions on this page, continue scrolling down the page to find links leading to silly humorous poems written by author Ms. Bembry. The vast majority of poems offered at this site are written by Ms. Bembry who also has a children's eBook series, in its beginning stages, located at Ms. Bembry has works published in educational mediums for schools as well as in online learning sites for children. Check here for her series of children's eBooks that address life's lessons.

Poems on this page are a potluck of many ideas showcasing kids writing poems about many subjects...

...and now for children's poetry written by kids themselves...

Saturday Morning Cartoons

I woke up at 8
My dad left for Jiffy Lube
I looked toward the shelf
But where's the tube?

I asked my mom
But she didn't care
She's way too busy
Highlighting her hair

I asked my brother
But he's a fool
He's busy with a report
That's late for school

I ate some breakfast
It was real cold
By the time i find it
I will be so-o old

I look to the curb
Thank God not there
I wonder where it is
It's time for Pooh Bear

I look in the living room
What have I found
Wow! There it is!
Lying on the ground
I plug it in
Dust it off with a smock
What? it's over!
Oh no! 12 o' clock!

Making Money

Lemonade...only five cents a glass
Cool a customer at last
How about a car wash
Only a buck or two
WOW! Washing a whole car...
Drying will just have to do
Hey! What a great idea...
I'll have a Yard Sale
But if I sell my yard
Do you think my parents could tell necklaces
Yeah necklaces
Nevermind that...
I'll have a bake sale
I can bake a cake
or 2 or 3 or 4
Hold up...
What if they want more?
Can you say "CAKE GALORE"
Man! I'm all out of ideas.
Wait a minute
I got it
A true seller
An allowence.
There's a way to make an easy dollar!
Jessica P. - Age 11


The sense of smell
Is quite doubtless
With irresistable smells
That are frightless

The small nose
On your tiny face
May be quite comical
Or in perfect place

Some things in your nose
Can be quite gruesome
And on your clothes

So, with the power of a bean
And a piece of gold
Keep your nose
Oh! crystal clean
So your nose
Doesn't sprout mold


I'm out of school,
I'm heading to the pool,
I'm having fun
In the sun
On my scooter,

I don't want to run
Over my dog Cooter
So,I hop off my scooter,

I take home Cooter,
Then I have more fun
In the sun
Nicole - Age 8


Welcome to my place
You can make a funny face
No grown-ups here
Do not fear
This is my land
Part of it is on sand

Use your imagination
And you can go on a vacation
So step right up
You can bring your pup

Every kid
Is a fimiliar face
In my place
Sam - Age 11

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