Silly Tongue Twisters

Tongue Twisting Fun For Kids

Trying to say words that stump your tongue can be quite hilarious when speaking tongue twisters quickly. Sure, tongue twisters may be easy to pronounce when talking slowly or at normal speeds, but talk fast and see how far you can get when repeating statements over and over again.

Kids... Try saying the tongue twisters on this page three times fast yourself and then have your friends do the same. Don't forget your parents and siblings as well as other family members. Tongue twisters are sure to give grandparents a good laugh so don't forget to have them try a twisting trio of words as well.

Visitors with ideas for tongue twisters can submit them in the poetry submission form located on the left bottom of this page for consideration to be added to this FunnyPoemsForKids website.

**Funny Poems For Kids**

*Silly Tongue Twisters*

How many times can you say these

"Silly Tongue Twisters" fast?

Three? Four? Five?

Go on...give it a try!!

Tina tossed tootsie pops,
tacos, twizzlers, and gummi drops.

Jimmy, Johnny, and Josephine
played jokes on Jessie, Josh, and Jean.

The cake and the steak
gave Jake a belly ache.

Three twitching thugs threw
thorny twigs to Rosie.

Sit down on the stoop
and eat some turkey, turtle soup.

Dierdra dunked dirty dishes
deeper, deeper, deeper.

Lily liked licking lacy, lacquered, wooden lamps.

Rocky Raccoon rode a rat
racing a river rafting cat.

Angry Andy argued at anteaters eating ants.

Goofy grapes were growing
in the green, green grass.

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