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Saturday, January 30, 2010

Sketchbooks Project


I have over a dozen sketch books that I've filled over the past two decades, which I intend to share some of the material here. Some of the stuff is interesting, some banal and much is pornographic. The pornographic stuff I'm posting gradually at Y!gallery under my "volpane" moniker, if you are interested enough to sign in there.  I don't have a lot posted there yet, but if you want me to post more I expect some encouragement there.  The click-able gallery above is the tame material although because I am an adult gay man, you may find the frank depiction of crotches, etc. not to your liking.  My plan is to give each image a unique post here with some description as to why it ended up in my sketchbook, so you will eventually see everything here that is posted there.  I encourage you to comment and engage me in some dialogue.  I like that kind of thing.

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