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Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Jon Macy and the Oscholars

Please be warned that the links of this post are sexual in nature and are


Last spring Jon Macy asked me to re-design his website, that I created for his forthcoming graphic novel, Teleny and Camille. I was happy to continue work on the project, because after all, he'd put up with all my pestering him to allow me to create it in the first place. I was very pleased that he had some great ideas and I had some spiffy code to use. Because it is devoted to graphic imagery, it may take time to load the graphics if you have "dial-up" Internet.

Teleny is an erotic tale homosexual tale written long before The Well of Loneliness, a lesbian romantic tragedy by Radclyffe Hall was published in the late 1920s. Like many clandestine erotic novels of the time, authorship is unknown, but Teleny is significant for its attribution to Oscar Wilde and his circle. Jon Macy has carved a personalized version which is sumptuous in its own black-and-white splendor.

Additionally, Jon has been recognized for his efforts by The Oscholars, a literary group devoted to the study of Oscar Wilde and his contemporaries who have included him in their most recent online publication about this unique novel. They offer a few more pages than you can find at Jon's website, so it is well worth the effort to visit both sites.

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