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Thursday, August 17, 2006

I bring you poetry...

I've re-posted poetry that I had on my website before. I took it all down because much of the emotion is raw and didn't relate to where I am now in my life, but I've changed my mind because it is representative of where I've been. Many of my poems are conversations with relationships and describe where I process emotions to enable communication. Sometimes this works and sometimes it doesn't. I'll let you decide if it works for you. I appreciate you will approach it with care and feeling.

Also, there is a link on the menu which will take you to my friends at Pistilbooks where you can purchase my most recent chapbook of poetry.

Please enjoy!

Tuesday, August 08, 2006

July Flowers

The dry weather has taken its toll and the aphids have taken their two-cents worth, but plants continue to grow and put on flowers. It is a joy to walk through and see what next has begun to bloom.

If you look carefully in the picture below you can see one of the many tiger-striped catepillars living on the Dusty Miller. I don't know what variety of butterfly they will become, but if I figure it out I will post it here. The most recent photos start on page 14 of the photobucket album.

Buddha Garden with caterpillars July 2006<br />

Thursday, August 03, 2006

New Job

I haven't been as active on-line lately due a part-time job I recently took. The local Post Office was looking for a custodian and I seemed to fit their needs. I'm working most mornings five days a week and holidays (even though the post office is closed, they do have workers on site). The majority of the work is just housekeeping duties: dusting, cleaning toilets, mopping and emptying trash cans.

This is a good situation for me because my afternoons remain free and I'm most active in the afternoon around here. My intention is to write in the afternoons, which I'll probably do in the winter, but for now I've been doing gardening. Also, I'm meeting more people who live on the island which has been difficult otherwise.