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Saturday, October 26, 2002

I wrote this poem for Chris back in '99. Remember?

April 10, 1999

I will always love the false image I had of you...

When she kissed him on the screen
And breathed life into him,
That was me, wanting to breath life into you
And wanting you to breath life into me.

This is who I am: alone in this world.
And this is what I think I am: alone in this world.
But you are there, with me alone.
And this is what I think of you: alone with me in the world.
And this is what we are: alone together in this world.

I am too polite, I need to be asked.
I do not assume things, although I am perceptive
And I know you enough to know your truth.

I want to be everything you think is so cool.

Monday, October 21, 2002

Just a note for anyone looking here recently...

I've been bad and not posted much here recently. Last week found me in a foul mood because Chris took off for Tucson. His leaving was expected, so my mood was a bit selfish, but if you check the astrology charts for last week I think I was somewhat justified for my moodiness. I am working on a posting from a week ago before Chris left, but because there are so many details it will be a while before it shows up here.

I'm doing much better this week, coping with Chris being gone. I know better than to allow absences to dictate my feelings and this hasn't been the first time that he's been away since our romance began, but there you have it. I don't like change and I have to admit I've grown acustomed to having him around. It's been really great having him in my life and he's been enjoying my company, so I'm in a very comfortable spot now that I've got my childish fears and emotions under control.

He just sent me an email and is enjoying connecting with his friends down there. Tucson sounds like an interesting area and I think I might like to visit there. Of course, I will, as long as Chris has a place down there.

Anyway, I'm keeping busy and taking care of myself. If I don't post anything new here, it isn't because my life is boring. It usually means just the opposite. So drop me a line and see what I'm up to.

Thursday, October 03, 2002

This picture is the results of doing Yoga after getting off work today. Chris is back from visiting with his friend Rick in Victoria. He says the weather was beautiful. Wish I had been there.

Wednesday, October 02, 2002

Some Poetry

September 25, 2002

You do suffer and in that suffering you are beautiful, radiant--
Like a spring morning glistening with dew on the lilies
dressed in the cool heat of the vernal sun.
I said to you, "Just don't be guilty"
It is not easy balancing the mundane with the sublime.
Somehow we must find a way, like a zipper
with teeth that grind when out of sync, we must find
the smooth sensual parts of our lives so that the teeth
can bite and we can ride up our lives with ease and satisfaction.

September 30, 2002

We two men, together clinging, not boys,
Next to the vault of heaven.
Cling to me for fear of falling,
Yet allow me to spread my arms wide.
We still dream, yearning to wake and rouse
ourselves from our bodies sweet warmth,
visions of tigers and snakes lingering between raindrop tintinnabulations.
What paradigm will you choose? Will you tell me when you do?
Will you follow me to mine?

Tuesday, October 01, 2002

Much ado about Nathan

I've been too busy to post much here. Being in love is a full time endeavor. Eventually I think I will integrate my life better so that I am updating this site a little more often.

One good point is that I've uploaded all my Burning Man Pictures from this year. You can see them here:

Volpane's Burning Man Pictures