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Monday, April 29, 2002

I've gotten out of the habit of posting here, largely because I've been seriously focusing on finding work and not been thinking about my career as a writer as much. Now that tax season is over, I'm feeling a little more relaxed and willing to exercise my writing muscle. A recent correspondent mentioned that I have my own definition of "regular" in regards to updating my web site, which is true, but I have made a commitment to myself that I am contributing to it regularly, so I do have a rewrite in progress that will address this.

Anyway, I've been coming out of my depression of the past two months. On a positive note, my friend Maxwell, who I met over the internet and who is an excellent artist, took me to see a couple of films last week and we had a blast! We saw Ice Age and Changing Lanes. Ice Age was a movie I'd wanted to see for the animation, which was well worth the effort: very stylistic and well executed. I'd like to work for the company, if they'd have me. Changing Lanes starring Ben Affleck and Samuel Jackson wasn't exactly one of those movies I'd have volunteered to see, but I'm glad that Maxwell dragged me to see it. It was pointing out how we can be addicted to the drama of our lives and how we camouflage that in other addictions. I'm glad I saw it. Thanks, Maxwell!

Last Wednesday I was walking down Olive Way and Alex waved me over to speak with him. He had a pass for the new Woody Allen film, Hollywood Ending and was wondering if I'd like to join him. I hadn't really heard anything about the film but since it was Woody Allen, I thought it could be interesting, so I made a date with Alex for the next day. Surprisingly, when I arrived at his apartment, Purple Mark was there visiting having just arrived back in town from his four week tour of Europe (Paris, Barcelona and London, besides several other small towns). Purple had several stories to tell and I just had to pump him for lots of details. Unfortunately, despite having a few moments the movie was a little boring. Spending time with Alex though was wonderful as he always has a fresh outlook on the world and manages to get me to think about people in new ways.

The next day I decided I had to take Carolyn and Purple out to the new Julia's on Broadway, which opened in the old Eileen's/Ernie Steele's space on Thomas. We had a wonderful time hearing more stories about Purple's travels abroad. The food was good and the desserts were too much! I had to take part of mine home.

Saturday morning I joined Purple again at Fairy Coffee, which has now been moved from Cafe Vitta to Stella's on 23rd or something...but we hung out at Cafe Vitta, anyway. Then Purple and I went shopping at Value Village (VV), where amazingly he didn't find anything he wanted although I found two shirts and a jacket, all for under five dollars. I spent the rest of the day at home.

Sunday I wore my VV find with my black PVC, only a slight variation on what I've been wearing to the vogue lately: a white rayon/polyester shirt woven with a Asian "brocade" motif. I looked hot and felt even better. James was hanging out there with Purple and I, his makeup impeccably fashioned with glitter, but complaining that his pleather shirt didn't breath efficiently. Purple wore his entire "Acid Cat" outfit that he's been assembling for years (his latest addition being a matching bag that he picked up in London): coat, halter top, mini skirt, bag, and slippers (these he left home, not really suitable for dancing), all made from the same mottled fluorescent leopard print in pink and yellow. Very fun! We did miss Craig at the Vogue, although he'd been spied earlier in the day.

Sunday, April 14, 2002


Okay, this front door image is specious, to say the least. I am not saintly, nor do I deserve to be immortalized in stained glass. But I have been feeling like I need to do something about the fact that I've not posted anything to my main site in nearly two weeks. So this image resulted from a couple of unrelated connections. Perhaps my main thing to feel saintly about is that I've finally filed my taxes. Now all I need next is a reasonable job.

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Tuesday, April 09, 2002

A week ago last Saturday I invited my friends Amy and Sean for dinner. We had a swell time, they brought a bottle of red wine, asparagus and other comestibles. That next Sunday afternoon was different because Carolyn visited Nancy and her mother and I chose to stay at home. I can barely remember what I did the rest of the day, although I spent time at the Vogue with my friend Craig and also took in Queer as Folk with Carolyn as well, so I know it wasn't a bust.