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Friday, April 11, 2003

The Hermetic Library

Much of my recent non-fiction reading has been within the realm of the above linked web page (click on title). Although I am posting it here for my own reference I invite anyone reading this blog to visit the site and explore the range of materials contained.

Thursday, April 10, 2003

At the beginning of April, Chris confirmed his plan to move to Vancouver, B.C. He has secured an apartment next to his friends, Chris Weeks and Rick Bellairs and intends to move in by the first of May. This news has taken some time to settle with me because I was under the impression that Chris wanted to move back to Seattle, but certainly this is not an opportunity he should pass up. I wish him luck moving his belongings from Tucson to Canada.

I've been working closely with my friend Maximilian to help him with his show on the 18th at the Capitol Hill Artist Co-op on twelfth avenue. I created a poster for him which I intend to post on this web site soon. [Hmm...I've never done that.] He wants me to help him with his chill space, although I am doubtful because I've not seen the size of the space. My intention originally was to dress in drag and do Tarot readings for tips. If I have to decorate, I'm going to need some planning and so far, I'm not sure what sort of planning I'm going to need.