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Tuesday, June 27, 2006

Garden Pictures and I ? Huckabees

The garden has been blooming well and now seems to be in transition, as many plants are putting out buds. The hot weather has arrived and I've not been in much a mood for spending time in the garden. When I do go into the garden to work I find myself weeding mostly. Bruce has been doing a good job on the lawn which has been looking great this year.

Nigillas in the backyard June 2006

We recently watched I ? Huckabees; Bruce didn't much care for it, but I found it both profoundly funny and silly at the same time. There's nothing quite so interesting and yet pointless as infinite navel gazing. It is interesting to note that the main character is played by the same actor who portrayed the young man in Rushmore. He has grown up a handsome fellow.