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Tour Dates

An attempt to list all the dates the band have played since day one. Obviously it isn't complete, and any help, info, pictures, corrections, etc would be greatly appreciated.


11 February Aardschokdag, IJsselhal, Zwolle, The Netherland
7 April   Earthquake Festival, De Kegelaar, Kaatsheuvel, The Netherlands
30 Aug Breaking Sound Festival, Paris (10,000 people)



17 March Ludwisburg Metal Hammer German Tour with Talon & Railway
18 March Wurzburg
19 March Munchen
21 March Hannover, Germany
23 March Hamburg, Germany
24 March Koln, Germany
25 March Bremen, Germany
1 April Walthamstow Royal Standard
9 May The Wellington, London
26 May Heavy Sound Festival, Poperinge, Belgium
23 September Camden Palace, London



27 January Mutualite Festival, Paris
1 February Bordeux, France
20 Feb Munchen (Sup. Blue Oyster Cult)
25 September Rotters, Doncaster
18 Oct Dynamo, Eindhoven, The Netherlands


3 March Coliseum, Ludwigshafen
24 Mar Noorderligt, Tilburg, The Netherlands (sup. Uriah Heep)
25 Mar Paradiso, Amsterdam (Heep)
11 Apr Heimstatten (sup Uriah Heep)
23 Apr Munchen (sup U heep)
26 Apr Leinefelde (sup U heep)
27 Apr Schonholtzhausen (sup heep)
28 Apr Saarburg (sup heep)
???? De Vooruit, Gent


?? Apr Heavy Oder Was, Tubigen