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Individual Contributions

Mike Harrison Ken McLaren August Worchell

August Worchell

August now runs a tattoo business called Skincandy and is still in touch with Christopher. After Johnny Crash split, he played for a while in the band American Heartbreak. Bassist Michael Butler remembers - "August played in the band for about a month. He didn't write or record anything with us. I haven't seen him 
in quite a while. Nice guy, though"

August updated me on what else he's been up to  - "Believe it or not I became very involved in the rave scene for about 3 years and was a DJ spinning jungle/drum & bass records. This music is like the redheaded bastard stepchild of dance music, it's fast and aggressive. I actually played guitar riffs live while I spun records and the kids flipped out!".

August Worchell October 2002
Find a date at  www.hotornot.com

I say nothing!!!


A scan of the August feature from the October 2002 edition of Savage Tattoo magazine.