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Individual Contributions

Mike Harrison Ken McLaren August Worchell


12 Apostel

Chris Gott - Bass & Vocals
Eric Zion - Guitars & Vocals
Martin Machwitz - Keyboards & Vocals
Corni Bartels - Drums

German rockers 12 Apostel were formed in 1990 originally calling themselves Bon Bon. This name was to last only a year before the band renamed themselves 12 Apostel in 1991. The line up of the band consisted of Chris Gott on Bass & Vocals, Eric Zion on Guitars & Vocals, Werner Schultheiss on Guitars, Martin Machwitz (Lucy/Dead Ballerinas/Ultranite/Tokyo Blade) on Keyboards & Vocals and Corni Bartels (EDV/Hubert Kah) on Drums & Vocals.

Werner left the band in 1995 to concentrate on his own band called Sok Munka, and 12 Apostel went on to record their debut album as a 4 piece, having it produced by Uwe Hoffman. Despite strong single releases, the band never really achieved major success, and in 1998 12 Apostel split.

Guitarist Eric Zion went on to be in Candy Apple Grey, whilst Martin & Chris formed new electronic project Tempelhof with Austrian female vocalist Glee, and Corni guested on drums for Herzwerk's 'Hand Auf's Herz' (from the album Herwerk 2). 12 Apostel have regrouped in the past, recording an albums worth of material which is yet to see commercial release, but for now the band is on ice.

Despite this, the band remain together, working at and running the established Weltraum Studios together.