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What's this band got to do with Tokyo Blade? Well, during the Ain't Misbehavin' period of the band, Cherokee (the band - not native American!!!) bass player Andy Catlin joined for a brief period. It is currently unknown as to whether he actually played on the album, as although he is pictured on the Movie Star 12 inch, a bass player by the name of Chris Stover is actually pictured and credited on the album. Andy is however, acknowledged within the 'thank you' list.

Many thanks to former Cherokee front man Pete Lacey, for providing me with the information you are about to read - without him, this would not have been possible. Some of the early info is missing some bits, purely because it was from before Pete's time in the band!


Originally formed in around 1987/88, the band were made up of Paul "Ozzie" Osman (Bass/Vocals), Paul "Ed" Grey (Drums) and Andy "Joey" Catlin (Guitars?).

This line up recorded a track called Leaving Tonite (later rerecorded by Pete), but apparently this had no vocals on it. They also recorded a cover version of the track Outfit by Starz.

During 1988, Paul Osman left the band, and they disappeared form the scene for a short period, until late 1988 when Pete Lacey came in on vocals, and they then recruited a new bass player by the name of Andy "Jake" Findlay via an ad in Kerrang! Magazine. Yet another member joined the fold in keyboardist Wally Eddowes (The Aquatic Weasal Band/Lixx & Trixx), and the band went on to record the "Come Out Fighting" demo, made up of 3 tracks - Come Out Fighting, Princess Of The Masquerade and Teenage Idol.

Shortly afterwards, the band split and Pete, along with Paul Grey and Andy Findlay went on to form Sarajevo during 1989.

Pete finishes the story - 

" Throughout Sarajevo (5 years) we carried on playing some of the songs we wrote whist in Cherokee. Come Out Fighting remained the live show opener from day one ' til the end. Princess was rerecorded and the revised version was played in the early days of Sarajevo. Teenage Idol was later recalled in to the set also. Actually, by that time we had 2 guitars and no keyboards so the keyboard bits were played with harmonized guitars which gave it a new feel. (Also, I've been toying with the idea of rerecording a version of Teenage Idol with the harmonized guitar version but with some subtle keys still in the background. I will get round to it one day....lol)"

During their short existence, Cherokee gigged alongside Tigertailz, and also with Tokyo Blade, possibly at Salisbury Arts Centre. In fact, Pete received a call one day from Andy Boulton asking if he would be interested in becoming Blades new vocalist. This wasn't to be though, as shortly afterwards, Andy reunited with Alan Marsh in Mr Ice. Pete also joins the ranks of the very few people who saw Pumphouse in action, albeit in a rehearsal room.

Also, regarding Andy Catlin and the Blade : "Chris Stover was the bass player on the album, Andy Catlin only rerecorded the 12" single, as far as I'm aware and did a brief tour with them somewhere in Eastern Europe playing alongside  Black Sabbath on some festival dates...Obviously I wasn't around at that time with them, so this is only second hand information that I got from Andy Catlin himself though".

Please show your thanks to Pete for providing this information by checking his recent works out at www.myspace.com/petelacey. There you will find audio, further information on Sarajevo, and other projects Pete has been involved in.

Former Cherokee keyboard player Wally Eddowes, who is in fact a guitarist ("The best I have ever played with" said Pete) also has a web presence at www.waltereddowes.com

Anyone out there who remember Cherokee, please get in touch with me on daivc@hotmail.co.uk