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Here I am trying to compile as much merchandise info as I can. Blade stuff is hard enough to find as it is, so merchandise is near impossible, but hey, it all adds to the fun!!!

I will also include bootleg merchandise here, as that is also as rare as official merch, but will try to identify what is what as the page is updated.

Click on the images with the red border to see a larger image of the item.

As always, any help would be greatly appreciated - just email me at daivc@hotmail.co.uk 

tokyobladeadd.jpg (68271 bytes) Promo advert for the debut album & new single on Powerstation Records
This sold on eBay for just over 50!!! Unbelievable!!
poster-840829.jpg (21712 bytes) Flyer for Breaking Sound Festival 1984
blade poster.jpg (36950 bytes) 1985 gig poster
tokyoblademutualiteposter.jpg (22808 bytes) Mutualite Paris gig poster
Official silk scarf from 1983.

This T Shirt seems to be a very recent bootleg as a couple have recently turned up on eBay.

Here is another example of the recent bootleg T Shirts currently available.

Known Merchandise

Genghis Fuckin' Khan T Shirt 1981
1st Album badge 1983
1st Album logo on silk scarf 1983
1983 TB Logo on Patch 1983

Night Of The Blade Album shirt 1984

Full size TB Logo (83 style) Shirt 1996