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Individual Contributions

Mike Harrison Ken McLaren August Worchell



I am searching for these items in particular at present. If you have a Tokyo Blade item you wish to sell and it isn't listed here or on my collection page then please contact me.

Bobo/Topaz - Original demo cassettes/Anything originally issued

Killer - Demo Cassette 1982 or 1983

Kin Ping Meh (no.6) original issue LP featuring Michael Pozz

Michael Pozz's Dead Ballerinas - CD - 322 155 F1

Shogun Voices From The Heart 12 inch single

Shogun - Voices From The Heart USA CD Single (It is unknown whether this actually exists)

Shogun - 31 Days - Italian issue CD on Rock It Records

Sunglasses - Demo Cassette (Michael Pozz / Jurgen Blacky Schwarz / Hans- Juergen Astor)

Tokyo Blade - Ain't Misbehavin Korean and/or Japanese Jimco CD

Tokyo Blade - Blackhearts & Jaded Spades SPV CD

Tokyo Blade - Night Of The Blade - Test Pressing on MUSIC CONNECTION (Combat MX8012)

Tokyo Blade - No Remorse Japanese CD with Obi Strip

Tokyo Blade - Tokyo Blade Brazilian cassette on Continental label (Unknown existence)

Ultranite - I Want My Own Planet CD & Cassette

Any Press cuttings, bootlegs or anything else at all relating to Tokyo Blade, Shogun, Dead Ballerinas, Kin Ping Meh (with Michael Pozz), Geff Harisson Band (with Astor), Johnny Crash, Bobo, Topaz, 12 Apostel, Tempelhof, Los Los, Deep Machine, Tigertailz circa 1986/7 with Steve Pierce

Unrelated wants list

Interstella 5555 Trading cards

Interstella 5555 PLV 5 piece set