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Latest News...March 2007

Hobbyband gig dates announced

Yep - not long after confirming new guitarist Oliver Anders Hendrikkson had joined the band, a batch of live shows have also been announced.

Here again is a net based translation of Markus' somewhat humorous blog entry : 

"Hello of friends hobby-band!

We are straight in the studio and take few our Songs for a cartridge auf! Wir hope that we them to our concert in the AMPERE already at you pass on can if we up to then all again genesen are. Because it unfortunately came in the studio to some veletzungsbedingten losses: More olive the Danish nozzle fever, Martin got fallow with key board plays the Kiefer, Chris squeezed itself when closing its bass suit-case the Penis and I had with substantial Rythmusstoerungen to fight in their further process it to several eptileptischen accumulations came.

Spirit at present my colleagues set me immediately to the schlagzeug, so which we had at least the schlagzeug for TO FAT and EDMUND on volume. After 4 weeks of common Reha with intensive Physio and Psychotherapie, we could start a new attempt yesterday to take up a cartridge. For security an emergency physician, a Psychater, participates now always a Mediator, an animal coach, 2 Mr. of the technical welfare organization, a lady of Con drops, a flugzeugmechaniker, a Danish interpreter and Markus Soeder as living Punchingball to the aggression dismantling!

Now can actually go wrong nothing more!

Love of greetings!


Head to their myspace page for up to date information on the gigs.

Hobbyband announce new guitarist!

Yep its true - bear with the following as it is a net based translation from German but all the details are there!
Love of friends hobby-band!

In December last yearly has Werner hobby-bound left. Reason were, as say one so beautifully: "unbridgeable personal differences". Dear Werner! Much luck for your further career! Fortunately we found however already soon adequate replacement. In OLIVER ANDERS HENDRIKSSON, a young Danish service-station attendant whom we at the ski vacation in the Danish alps became acquainted with. It had there on one of the local ski huts a straight concert with its Punkband "Undskyld!" and astonished us with his guitar play, so that we kidnapped and to Munich kidnapped it short hand. Only it was naturally not very inspired, but after we had then played it our Songs, it saw here that its Danish God IKEA it to us had led over with us together the hobby areas of this world to elektrizifieren.

Mittlerweilen it in-lived itself completely well and thanks good residents of Munich of the beer, the pretty German girls and the art of persuasion of our friend Edmund Stoibers, would like it in the meantime not more away from here! And that the Danish government placed a distribution request, it could regulate our glowing Verehrer Guenter. Guenter Beckstein. Thanks! Olivers German is in the meantime already so good that he can along-sing in background. However gabs by it at the beginning also numerous difficulties. Thus he welcomed his first female DATE with the words for example: "hello, I is different, you is too fat for this summer"!, which brought spontaneously its first Bavarian Watschn into.

Since then it became more carefully and uses no more text lines in the everyday life! It makes all honour for its surname: It plays actually like Hendriks son! _ examine with one our next concert to that it hopefully numerous come! To more dahin!Oder on Danish: farvel! 



Harlequyn reunion show flyer

Regular visitors to the site will know of these guys - if not well go check their myspace page out at www.myspace.com/harlequynband

Featured in their ranks is guitarist (and PotB contributor) Tim Walker, who was in the band Bobo alongside Vic Wright before he joined the Blade.

A little insight to the early days of Shogun...

The following is an excerpt of an extremely in depth profile of drummer Bob Richards, taken from a brilliant website dedicated to the Welsh rock band Man, in whom Bob is the drummer, and to which a link is posted beneath the excerpt...

"The music bug though had already bitten him. In 1985 after chasing down a Melody Maker advert Bob joined the Salisbury based Shogun, formed by singer Alan Marsh, ex of Tokyo Blade. He auditioned, first by tape and later in person, and got the job. It was a harder life than might be imagined, rehearsing six hours a day every day. Bob would practice with the band for a week, sleeping on a mattress and eating out of a saucepan, and then return home and practice on his own for a week. Shogun never toured, but the album they recorded has since seen a CD release, being described by Classic rock magazine as "a competent rerun of Def Leppard's Pyromania". Despite his extensive involvement, Bob isn't listed as a band member, and only gets a brief thank you for 'Drums on Shogun'. You may be able to track it down, on the Zoom Club label, catalogue number ZCRCD14"


Mob Rules video online at Rippershow.com

I would normally put a relevant picture here but the Rippershow show site states...

"All content of this web site, is protected under international law, no reproduction permitted."

Oh well....

Head over to www.rippershow.com/video.htm to check out a clip of the music video for the song Mob Rules from the Jack The Ripper musical featuring our very own Alan Marsh on vocals.

Tokyo Blade hit MySpace

Well it had to happen sometime!

Hopefully, with enough interest, the MySpace page will not only cover the music of Tokyo Blade, but also the music of Shogun, Mr. Ice and all members of the Blade musical family, and will run as a 'sister' page to this very site.

This also means saying goodbye to the visitors guest book, but you can still drop us a line at either the MySpace page or in the Blade forums.

Head over to www.myspace.com/warriorsoftherisingsun and check it out.

Please be aware though that under no circumstance will any material be available to download unless the band express their wishes for this to happen. This doesn't mean you can't hear your favorite tracks, as requests are welcome, and as said before, tracks from the Blade musical family will also appear there over time.

Warrior Of The Rising Sun - White Label Variant found

Tokyo Blade - Warrior Of The Rising Sun White Label Variant Yeah...a funny little item really. To your left you see a white label copy of WotRS, released on Raw Power back in '85.

There are no markings on the sleeve to say whether it is a promo, the original paper die cut inner sleeves are present, and the matrix markings on the run off grooves are an exact match for the normal release, so the only difference between this and the normal version is the labels, so rather than call this a promo, for now, it will be filed as a label variant.

If anyone out there knows whether the Raw Power record label sent out white labels for promotional reasons or otherwise, or you own a Raw Power released white label, please get in touch.

Shogun 31 Days USA Jet Cassette

Shogun - 31 Days USA Cassette Oooh this was a nice surprise to find...I always thought 31 Days was only released on vinyl until this came through my letterbox.

It is a USA release of the album on Jet Records on cassette (cat. no. ZT44040).

The track listing is the same as the UK vinyl version, but one extra note has been added in the cassette liners stating that this version of the album had been mastered at CBS Recording by Vlado Miller.

God I love eBay!!!

And finally, for now...

Tokyo Blade - 1995 Promo Tape A nice 1995 promo tape.

I was lucky enough to be sent one of these back when they were done by TB's management, Music & Medias Colin Fry. What it didn't come with was a sleeve, but was something I didn't miss because I didn't know about it!

Fast forward 12 years to this appearing on trusty old eBay. The tape is virtually the same as my own copy, with the exception of the very cool inlay card.

The text on the front reads :
"TOKYO BLADE are back with a great new album. This special 3-track cassette is for promo purposes only."

and inside :
"TOKYO BLADE have re-formed to produce 14 great new tracks - mixed & ready to go.

For this special 3-track sampler we have chosen:

1 - Burning Down Paradise
2 - Flashpoint Serenade
3 - Women & Love"

There also the usual line up list and production credits. For you sharp eyed people out there, yes, it says 14 tracks, but of course Burning Down Paradise only had 12 on it. The two tracks left off the release were 'Sting In The Tail' and 'If You're Gonna Shoot', which remain unreleased.

Also worth mentioning is that there are a few sites on the internet that have this incorrectly listed as a 1995 demo tape, instead of Promo or Sampler.

Feb 2007

Johnny Crash - Hey Kid Video

Yep - I finally got a copy of this and it is now on You Tube for your viewing pleasure!

Prestel speaks!

Ultranite - I Want My Own Planet (1989) Yep - I heard back from Peter and he gave the following information :

"As far as I remember Crystal Gold was written in Los Angeles (as was time will tell (which appeared on the Ultranite CD), where I met Dave Sale through a music-management, and we went to Germany to work on the Ultranite-CD. Through Martin Machwitz we knew Michael (we lived in the same town (Freiburg, Germany). I was not involved in the recording of No Remorse, so I think, it is probably best to ask Martin or Michael about it... 

About Ultranite: I don't remember any unreleased material. After finishing the CD in 1989 Birgit managed to get us the great opportunity to play as an opening act (for 5 or 6 gigs) for Jeff Beck's Guitar-Shop-Tour in Germany...

all the best Peter (...and greetings to everybody involved in this!)"

Big thanks to Peter who also said he may have some more things to do with that era of his career that he would try and find!

The VS Series Part 3

Iron Maiden - Virus - (Harris/Gers/Murray/Bayley) Released 1996

Tokyo Blade (as Killer) - Black Hole (Boulton/Marsh) Released 1982

Iron Maiden VS Tokyo Blade

The VS Series Part 2

Arch Enemy - Seed Of Hate (C.Amott/A.Amott) Released 1999

Tokyo Blade - Rock Me To The Limit (Boulton/Marsh/Wiggins) Released 1984

Arch Enemy VS Tokyo Blade

Fun project - The VS Series

OK, here's the deal. A few comments on the message board have revealed extreme similarities between some Tokyo Blade material and other artists with the Blade material usually pre-dating the other stuff.

What I thought would be a fun thing to do is actually present 'comparison tracks' so you lot can decide for yourself.

Here is the 'VS Series' part 1 - Aerosmith VS Tokyo Blade

Aerosmith - Angel (Tyler/Child) Released 1987

Tokyo Blade - Call Me Angel (Pozz/Pozz) Released 1989

Yeah yeah...1989...read on....

The drummer and vocalist on this recording did the original back in 1986 with the band Lucy - the only reason I have not used the original version is that it is on an LP and I haven't yet ripped it to the PC, but both versions are exactly the same apart from some minute arrangement details.

This isn't really to be taken seriously but this is something I find pretty interesting as to how 2 sets of people across the world from each other, years apart can come up with such similar ideas

Blade stuff for sale

Tokyo Blade management and advisor Colin Fry has started selling some CD's and the like on eBay, including the rare If Heaven Is Hell and 2nd Cut repackaged Genghis Khan singles.

Also on offer are original scarves made for the bands tour in support of the debut album as well as a few Tokyo Blade CD's.

Click here to view what Colin currently has for sale.

One to add to your bookmarks


Photo by Mike Prior 

Below is a link to the official site of keyboard player Tony Moore, who guested on Shoguns 31 Days album, and more famously, was in the band Cutting Crew, who had a massive hit with the song I Just Died In Your Arms Tonight.

I have been very busy on a lot of other things but am slowly starting to plan out a more detailed Shogun section which should be ready within the next millennium.


If Heaven Is Hell - Live 1996 now online

I bought a bootleg video many years ago of this performance which cost me £30! Anyhow, at the time it turned out Andy B didn't have a copy so I gave him mine, but didn't then have the facilities to copy it so that left me without one. Fast forward a few years and Al's son, Chris kindly sent me through this track from that very show.

Filmed at the bands final concert at the first Bang Your Head festival in the Stefan Hartmann Halle in Tübingen, Germany 1996.

Al Marsh - Vocals
Andy Boulton - Guitar
John Wiggins - Guitar
Colin Riggs - Bass
Marc Angel - Drums

So anyway, I mentioned before that I had found Peter Prestel...

Ultranite - I Want My Own Planet (1989) Well, today I received the Ultranite album on vinyl (thanks Volker), and whilst I haven't had chance to listen to it, there's some interesting things in the sleeve notes, which always bring new discoveries.

Dave Sale, who played bass on No Remorse and co wrote Crystal Gold with Prestel, also plays bass on two songs on the Ultranite LP (as well as co writing one of them). Andy Boulton, Michael Pozz and Astor also get a mention in the credits, as does Peters current 'partner in business', Birgit Baader.

Trivial I know, but also worth a mention is that Krokus front man Marc Storace (who was offered and turned down the vocalist position in AC/DC after Bon Scott died!) appears on a song. Why mention this? Because during the Blackhearts & Jaded Spades Tour, Blade had a vocalist by the name of Carl Sentance front the band for the tour after Vic quit. Sometime during the 90's, Storace's position in Krokus was taken over by a chap called Peter Tanner, then again by Carl Sentance, although Marc has now rejoined the band.

Another incredible bit of information is in the shape of Erdal Kizilcay, who guested on bass for 2 songs. Erdal is an incredibly talented musician who has written and recorded for and with the likes of Freddie Mercury, Tina Turner, David Bowie, Roger Taylor...the list is endless!

See what these chaps are up to now at the following places -
Peter Prestel - www.tonecolorspace.com 

Marc Storace - http://www.storace.ch/ 

Carl Sentance - www.carlsentance.com 

Erdal Kizilcay - http://www.erdalkizilcay.com/ 

This guy was also credited in the notes and it appears Peter got his guitars from him. He is still making and selling guitars which are very unique- a look is definitely recommended :
Jerry Auerswald - http://www.auerswald-instruments.com/ 

There is an Ultranite track, Time Will Tell, available for download, and although it is only encoded at 32kbps, gives you lot out there a chance to hear what these guys sounded like.


Alan Joe Wroe of Kin Ping Meh helps out!

Geff Harisson & Alan Joe Wroe 2002
See this and more pictures at

I have been in contact with bass player Alan Joe Wroe who was the bass player in Kin Ping Meh, although not at the same time as Michael Pozz, and he kindly offered to forward my email regarding Michael Pozz to KPM guitarist Gagey Mrozeck, as he couldn't answer my questions. Lets hope I have some news soon!!

Add to this that through my emails with Alan I have found that a drummer called Astor Astor played on an album with Alan on a 'side/solo-project' so to speak of then front man Geff Harisson (Pozz's predecessor).

Could Astor Astor be Hans-Juergen Astor?

I found the following information on a website, although I cannot find it again to credit the source, so if you wrote the following, please get in touch so I can put your name to the piece :

Geff Harrison Band

Geff, though being Scottish, spent most of his 70's career in German bands, like Twenty Sixty Six & Then, I Drive and Kin Ping Meh. Actually his own band was Kin Ping Meh in disguise, playing heavy rock and blues numbers. He later went on to a solo career.

Geff Harrison (vocals), Peter Oehler (guitar, vocals), Alan Wroe (bass), Astor Astor (drums, vocals), Chris Klöber (keyboards)

LP Jupiter 25595 (1977)

And there's

Peter Prestel, co-writer of the song Crystal Gold and sole writer of Angel, that appeared on the No Remorse album kindly responded to an email I sent confirming he is alive and well living in New Zealand and still involved with music.

You can find out more on what Peter is up to nowadays at www.tonecolorspace.com 

I dunno what's going on...John Wiggins performing again??...

From what I have seen, I think the previous XFX official site link I put on here was an old one (www.xfxrock.com). They have a better site that seems a little more up to date at www.xfxtheband.com. They also have a MySpace page at www.myspace.com/xfxrock

Not only that, but it also appears the John Wiggins has joined the band!!! I am lost for words...


Jurgen "Blacky" Schwarz

Burning Blues Band

I have been in touch with Jurgen "Blacky" Schwarz, who co-wrote Fever and Stop It Or Drop on the No Remorse album. He was kind enough to take the time to write a little something about the origins of the 2 songs.

"As I can't remember every detail of what happened 20 years ago, here only some information about my former activities: I started gigging with Hans-Juergen Astor with the club band "Sunglasses" at about 1985. By the way we wrote and recorded a couple of songs in a kind of home studio for demo tapes. Michael Pozz wrote the lyrics for "Stop it or drop it" and sung the vocals. I wrote "Fever" including the lyrics, but Tokyo Blade later somehow changed the words and the song was no more really the one I wrote. Astor and Pozz founded the "Dead Ballerinas" in 87/88 and went on a small US-Tour with another guitarist and a bassist I never met and made a record (LP). As far as I remember they had a deal with Tokyo Blade's record company and so they started to exchange song material. That's why the Ballerinas and Tokyo someday came up with former tunes of mine. The demo tapes must still be in possession of Astor, but I'm not in contact with him anymore. I know he still lives in my city (Mannheim, GER) and that he recorded last year with a couple of "new rock guys". I've never heard anything anymore about Michael Pozz in the last 15 years, he must live in another city. As for me, I'm still gigging with the cover-band "Private Dancer" and also impassionate guitar playing/singing/songwriting with my Burning Blues Band (www.burningbluesband.de).

Greetings and a good time"

A million thanks to Jurgen for the information.


Frank Heukemes

I have also been in contact with singer songwriter Frank Heukemes, who I found during my ongoing search for Hans-Juergen Astor (as well as Michael Pozz). He too is looking for Astor, and also has some songs on his site, 3 of which were co-written with Astor and also feature him on the drums, alongside Frank Appel on guitar and Speedy on bass.

Head over to www.myspace.com/fallcatcher for more information and to hear the tracks.

Harlequyn reform!


Vic Wrights former band mate Tim Walker, from his pre-Blade outfit Bobo has announced that his post Bobo band Harlequyn are to reform.

From their official MySpace page :

"Harlequyn was a seminal UK 80's rock band with a glam/goth angle. Releasing two singles and one album through Voltage Records / Plastic Head Distribution, the band had rave reviews and a big UK following. Tours included dates with Ghost Dance, Uriah Heep, Tygers of Pan Tang, Skeletal Family, Dr. & the Medics, Salvation, Excalibur, Zodiac Mindwarp and Baby Tuckoo."

The line up information reads as follows :
Paul Mother - vocals/guitar
Tim 'Titus' Walker - guitars
Phil Sargent - bass
Dave 'DD' Wood - Drums

Terrorvision's Mark Yates played bass in '85. Jeremy Farrar and Mark Cunningham stood in on drums in '87.

They have confirmed a live date in Bradford on 20th April.

To listen to the band, and for up to date information, please visit  www.myspace.com/harlequynband  

Well, as usual I do my digging around in this here internet, and as they say, seek and you shall find.

Lucy - The Fine Line Between Pleasure & Pain (Calren Records 1986)

Recent searches have turned up an interesting album released in 1986 by a band called Lucy, called The Fine Line Between Pleasure And Pain, who featured Michael Pozz on vocals, alongside Martin Machwitz and Mike Joseph Sullivan. The former two played on the No Remorse album, whilst the latter had a writing credit on the album, and all three were to join up in the Dead Ballerinas.

It's not that good an album really, but the real interesting thing was that there is an early version of the song "Call Me Angel" on the album. The whole structure of the track is pretty similar to the Blade version, but with some noticeable differences which you will be able to hear soon, as I am bang in the middle of sorting out an MP3 section at last, and this track will appear there. Information about the band are limited to what's on the sleeve of the record, as there is no mention anywhere on the net about them, so if anyone knows more, get in touch!


That's not all...

Ultranite - I Want My Own Planet (Koch International 1989) Yeah, I also found this as well...

Its an album by a band called Ultranite called I Want My Own Planet which came out in 1989, and features yet again our man Martin Machwitz, Mike Sullivan and on vocals and guitar, Peter Prestel. This is a pretty decent find  I mean, its always nice to find a new band that has members of TB on it, but this has that extra bit of interest in the form of Peter Prestel, as he has writing credits on the No Remorse album as well (Crystal Gold & Angel). I have yet to get the CD, but found one track online and it sounds a lot closer to the No Remorse album than the Dead Ballerinas one does. As soon as I get my copy, read about it here.

Oh, and this as well...

Dangerous Toys - Hellacious Acres (Columbia 1991) This is an album called Hellacious Acres by the band Dangerous Toys (1991). Not real mass interest in this apart from the fact that Vicki James Wright appeared as a guest vocalist on the album as part of a group christened the 'Waste O' Skin Choir' on the song Sticks & Stones. Thanks Vick, now there's yet another album I have to get! Heheh.

Japanese Promo identification explained!

OK, thanks to a kind Japanese fellow on Ebay he provided the following information on identifying a Japanese promo. The label on the left is a promo, the one on the right is a standard release.

Despite the visual differences, the bit that matters is the little symbols underneath the VICTOR logo, which is known as the Kanji, which means Promo or Sample. The pronunciation in Japanese is Mihonban.

There is also another thing to note which is on the cover of an album sleeve, for a promo there may be a little red sticker at the top of the sleeve, which is also means Mihonban. Standard issue albums do not have this sticker on them.

You learn something new everyday!


News for October/November 2006

A related release, perhaps?...

OK, usually you can find anything on this here internet, well go find Night Of The Blade released by Finland's Unitor OY/POKO imprint...

Done that? OK, read on...

Let me guess - you didn't find it? Neither can I, BUT, strange as it seems, I was recently compiling some record label shots for the site when I noticed that I had 2 of the same pressing of NotB (I have my reasons!!!), but they were different...yes?, no?...well, pix will be up shortly but anyhow, a bit of searching around and I can't seem to find any mention of this pressing. In fact, I have only found a couple of Metallica pressings from the same company for 1984...

It seems possible we have a contender for the number 1 rarest Blade record....which is strange because I thought I had just found what was to be the new number 1...more on that later...

Oh, and while we're on the subject - go plunder your vaults, search engines and so on and see if you can find the following :

Genghis Khan - Mongol Nation b/w Gone For A Drive (WAB 63)

Genghis Khan - Love You b/w Lady Lady (WAB 61)

Both were 7 inch singles released on the Wabbit Weckords imprint back in 1983, and were originally mentioned on the internet over at the awesome www.southwilts.com website.

Now there has been a few scratched heads over this, and although appearing in Record Collectors Rare Record Price Guide, I can't seem to find any mention of these anywhere at all, putting some doubt on their existence - that doesn't mean they don't exist, but there is nothing to say they do or don't. The aforementioned Unitor Oy thing is similar but the other way round - we have the record but no documentation!

Surely someone out there knows something about these because I have sure hit a brick wall with this one.


New Tokyo Blade message board online

Click here to join in the chat!

You will need to register before you can post anything.

Japanese Blackhearts & Jaded Spades LP Label variant discovered
Obsession time again!!!....

As far as I understand, the label on the left is the common version available on the Japanese release, but I recently got the one on the right which is obviously different. Apart from the colour difference, there is also some Japanese text on the white one beneath the Victor logo which isn't on the blue label. As well as that, there is also a small sticker on the sleeve of the white variant which isn't on the blue. Other than that, both releases are exactly the same, with the same inserts, OBI etc. Now I don't really understand how they classify their releases in Japan, but I can only think of one as being a first press. Either that, or it is a promo - is there anyone out there who can read Japanese, or know what this means?


 No Remorse/Ain't Misbehavin Double CD reissue due
Germany based record label Rock It Up have recently acquired the rights to both albums, and is planning a December 2006 release as a special double CD edition. More information on this as I have it.

Finally, Blade makes its internet video debut!
Yes, don't fall of ya chair! After what seems like an eternity I have finally got round to sorting out something to watch on this here website. The clip is taken from 'Live At The Camden Palace', originally released back around 1985 on VHS and has since become a common DVD bootleg on EBay.

The track is Lightning Strikes, which originally appeared on Night Of The Blade.


To watch the whole show go here!


'That' No Remorse album sleeve
Trivial maybe, but those who regularly come here will know of my occasional (!) obsessive (!!) qualities when it comes to the Blade, and I was pretty pleased to find the following during a search for art related to the band over this past weekend.

It is in relation to the original artwork for the No Remorse album that was released on the Hot Blood label. The chap who did the art was called Ed Valigursky, a name immortalized as one of the greatest comic book cover artists ever. He did loads of covers through the years, and one in particular, called Amazing Stories, becomes the latest member of the ever growing Blade related items list.

The cover of Amazing Stories, Volume 3, Number one, released January 1958 is the first appearance of the artwork used for the No Remorse album.


If you want to see more of Ed's work, please click the link below, which will take you to a site with an enormous database about Amazing Stories magazine.


Vic Wright Update Pt.2
I have been in brief contact with Vic who has confirmed he has done an interview with Sleazeroxx.com - presumably to address what was said by former JC band mates August Worchell and Christopher Stewart Neelley in their own Sleazroxx interviews. I am hoping to be able to put together a Q&A for him as well to appear here, but that will have to wait until the interview gets released to see what gets said. He has also said he has written a book, currently titled 'South Of The Pole', about the Strip Club scene and is currently working out a publishing deal for said book.


Martin Machwitz found!!
After years searching I have found Martin Machwitz, who played keyboards on the No Remorse album. He is currently playing in a German indie band called Hobbyband. I also found a CD by a band called 12 Apostel, who released a CD album back in 1996, which featured Martin as well as current Hobbyband bass player Chris Gott. They also released three singles from this album as far as I know - 'Dumme Sau', 'Fur Nichts' and 'Besser Jetzt'.

From what I have found so far, 12 Apostel lasted around 10 years, and Martin and Chris went on to form an electronic band called Tempelhof with a female vocalist by the name of Glee around 1998. There is an active page on peoplesound with some songs for download. He also works for a studio called Weltraum studios, whose staff were members of 12 Apostel over time.

Tokyo Blade 1989Welstraum Studios 19??

More information as soon as I have it! Woohoo!!

Hobbyband can be found online at www.hobbyband.de.
No registration required to listen to the songs on this site.

Tempelhof can be found online at http://www.peoplesound.com/artist/tempelhof/?score=8&rateID=30537 
Registration is required to listen to the songs on this site.

Martins Weltraum page - http://www.weltraumstudio.de/crewmembers/mattn_machwitz.htm 

Find more music from Tempelhof, 12 Apostel and Los Los at www.chris-gott.com 

Many thanks to Chris Gott

1988 Metal Hammer Interview with Tokyo online
No, not Tokyo Blade, just Tokyo. These guys were a hard rock outfit who featured in their ranks Mr. Ice touring guitarist Steve Kerr and Mr. Ice/Shogun keyboardist Ian 'Atilla' Marshall. There is also a picture soon to be added to the page.

Read it here.

Vic Wright Update
Vic is alive and well, still living in the US currently working as a DJ. He is working on some lyrics that may be used for an upcoming release for a band that features the drummer from Vic's post Johnny Crash band, The Real McCoys, and may work on some material with former Bobo band mate Tim Walker.

Again, eternal thanks to Tim for the info.

Peter Zito Update
Oh boy its all happening here!!! Again my pal Tim comes up trumps for me. Not a lot of info, but still great news - Peter is also well and currently performing in a covers band. More info to hopefully follow...

XFX are back and online!!
Andy Boulton's former outfit XFX are back with a new line up, album and website! Joining band mainstays Freddie Ball on vocals and bassist Ronnie Raymond are guitarists Steve Benson and Dom di Tom, and former Deep Machine (John Wiggins/Andy Wrighton's pre-Blade band) drummer Chris Towler.

There are sound samples on the site for the bands album, which is made up of the songs that band played whilst Andy was in the band, and it sounds as if new guitar parts have been cut for the CD.

For more information head to www.xfxrock.com.

Carl Sentance online
The temporary Bladesman now has a website up and running at www.carlsentance.com.

From his bio section...

"I received an offer to go on tour for one month around Europe (supporting “Blue Oyster Cult”) singing with “Tokyo Blade”. Within two weeks of finishing the tour I got a phone call from Smallwood Taylor, Iron Maiden's management to go for an audition with “Geezer Butler” ex-“Black Sabbath”.

Christopher Stewart Interview online at Sleaze Roxx
A new interview (August 2006) with Johnny Crash guitarist can be read here.

direct link : http://www.sleazeroxx.com/interviews/neelleyint.shtml 

Also check out August Worchells interview at http://www.sleazeroxx.com/interviews/worchellint.shtml

New official Tigertailz site up and running

Here's an extract from the bio section regarding Steve Pierce and how he wound up on the 'tailz demo...

"The band were now stuck for a drummer...!!! Fortunately, Stevie (Jaimz - vocals) was friends with some of the guys from Tokyo Blade and asked their drummer Steve Pearce if he would play on the demo. Steve kindly agreed and this turned in to the original 'Shoot to Kill' Demo

Look at the picture of Ace Finchum on the left...It's actually Stevie.. Ace had not arrived in the UK in time to do the cover photo shoot so Stevie pretended to be Ace.. Can't remember anyone ever commenting on this....

Shoot To Kill Demo

For all information on Tigertailz head to www.tigertailz.co.uk 

For the record, the songs featured on the tape were Shoot To Kill, She's Too Hot and Livin' Without You. The songs were recorded at Loco Studios Usk, Wales in 1986 and were later released as a 12 inch single.



News for July 2006

Remembering Topaz/Bobo
Well, Blade stuff is like a bus - you wait for ages for something then loads turn up at once! 

After the joy of finally getting some Cherokee information, I have found a guitarist by the name of Tim Walker who played alongside Vic Wright in his pre-Blade bands Topaz & Bobo.

Tim kindly agreed to write up something about the band for the website, and intends to provide some pictures in the near future, so go HERE to read Tim's write up for Topaz & Bobo.

Walter Eddowes...Before Cherokee
Walter has also been in touch following my recent communication with Cherokee front man Pete Lacey, and has given me the tantalizing information that he played with Genghis Khan guitarist Ray Dismore in a band called Zero.

I have no further info at this time, but Walter has some gig diaries from this period (as well as some Cherokee diaries) and has said he is happy to provide them for you lucky people to read on this here website!

June 2006
I have also been in touch with a chap by the name of Pete Lacey. Who's he you say? Well, back in the late 80's, Blade had a fella by the name of Andy Cattlin on bass for a brief period, and he went on to be in a band called Cherokee, which featured Pete on vocals.

Pete has kindly agreed to provide some info about this band, which you can read HERE!

May 2006
Shogun 31 Days to finally get CD release
Details are sketchy at this time, but I have heard through the grapevine that Alan's post TB outfit Shoguns second Album, 31 Days, is to get a release on CD. Apologies but I don't know anymore at this time.

No website update for 3 years??!!
Well, its been a long time since I updated the site, and to be honest there isn't much to put on here. There's a few photos and flyers I've tracked down, and not a lot else really to put up here.

I will update the site as and when something comes up.

I would like to say a massive thank you to those 15,500+ people who have checked out the site. Perhaps there is more demand in the world for the band than we know about. Please check out the Official Tokyo Blade message board (link at the top of the page), set up and run by Chris Marsh, Al's son, and post your message on there. If there is the demand, who knows what could happen...


December 2003

Ancient Wonder split
According to the bands website (www.ancientwonder.co.uk) they have parted ways, giving the reason "the ancients now find themselves caught up in private projects and so Ancient Wonder are no more."

The site is still online and currently hosting an MP3 of the band performing Led Zeppelins 'Good Times Bad Times'.

XFX gig
Andy B's former outfit XFX have been touted as performing at Walthamstow Royal Standard on Saturday January 10th. Check www.standardmusicvenue.com for more info.

September 2003

Mike Harrison
...was a member of TB in their formative days when they were known as White Diamond. He's now back on the circuit with a new band called The Haights so click here to see what he's now up to, and what he remembers of the early days with the boys.

Go to Ken McLaren and new wife Teresa Johnston on their wedding on 9 August in Whiterock, British Columbia. Here's to many happy years together for both of you.

Too Busy
I received an email from Ken McLaren letting me know what he's been up to :

I have just officially accepted an offer to play on the New "If" album which is due for release somewhere in March 2004. "IF" is a bit different than what I normally play but nonetheless challenging. I got a really good review from them stating that my playing will "take them to the next level". I think that is positive, well sounds good to me, not sure what the next level to them is, but I guess I'm going there. As long as the next level is not Ladies Lingerie, we're OK with it. :)

 Al Langlade (Total Stranger) has asked for one of my songs to appear on his new Album, the song I call Picture, is to appear. Actually I will be playing on it as well as Colin from "IF" and Attila Turi from The Kings. The Kings have an old time hit called Switching to glide...Its really quite cool to be playing with these guys..

 I have also signed three new endorsement deals...

Acoustic Amplification. These are very clean amps and will become part of my everyday gear

Wyres Strings. These strings are by far the best strings I have ever played with and I am honoured that they will be adding me to their portfolio of artists. They are Teflon coated and Hand Wound

 Last but not least I have also agreed to play Silvertone Guitars as well.

New Rippershow CD released
The new Yours Truly Jack The Ripper show featuring Alan Marsh rolls on with a one off date on the 27th of this month , and they have also released a new CD titled 'Hell To Stage'. In their own words :

"Hell to Stage Live is the latest album from the popular rock musical, Yours Truly, Jack the Ripper. The double CD boxed set was recoded LIVE in concert last year and is the first time that the show has been released in this format.

The NEW CD - Hell to Stage Live - is a fully revised and updated and  features many new songs, effects and additional narrative that are not on the original CD."

So head over to www.rippershow.com for up to date information on live dates, how to order the CD and a chat forum.

August 2003
Ancient Wonder MP3 online
Ancient Wonder, the London based rockers featuring Danny Gwilym in their ranks have posted a pre-production MP3 of the band performing the Led Zep track 'Good Times, Bad Times' on their official site, which can be found here >>>>> www.ancientonder.co.uk.

July 2003
XFX Gig confirmed for July
XFX have confirmed they will be playing at the Walthamstow Royal Standard on July 24th, as support to Rae & Rachel. The gig is being billed as an acoustic show, and tickets are £5.
For more info hit www.standardmusicvenue.co.uk

Mr Ice/Shogun axeman Danny Gwilym is alive and well!
His website is updated, there are MP3's to enjoy and lo and behold, he is out having fun with a bunch of lads collectively known as Ancient Wonder (www.ancientwonder.co.uk)...........................................................................what? You're still here????

Rare TB CD discovered
A copy of Ain't Misbehavin' arrived on my doormat today, and its the first I've seen of this particular issue. Its on the Hard N Heavy label, cat no. 575/17 112 H. It is a direct copy of the Scratch issue, right down to the artwork, but the significance of this release is that it has a 2nd photograph of the line up who played on this album. Check the pictures section to have a look!

New Rippershow CD confirmed
Rippershow webmaster Ian Green has confirmed via the websites message board that a new live CD of the Rippershow will be released in the coming months. Track listing is yet to be confirmed, but was recorded in England last year, is expected to be released as a double CD, and will include newer material which hasn't been released before. 

Night Of The Blade Review...
A rare positive review of Night Of The Blade has popped up HERE.

Extra news for June
The following is taken from Roadrunner Records news site Blabbermouth regarding a band who August Worchell was briefly involved with many moons ago:


San Francisco-based rockers AMERICAN HEARTBREAK, who feature in their ranks ex-JETBOY guitarist Billy Rowe and former EXODUS bass player Michael Butler, will release their fourth CD, "You Will Not be Getting Paid", on July 1 through Perris Records. 

The album, which contains five live and five acoustic songs, will come in a special package that will also include a remixed version of the band's first EP, "What You Deserve". The five live tracks were recorded during the band's last European tour in the summer of 2002, while the acoustic tracks were laid down earlier this year in Billy Rowe's home studio. Included on the acoustic portion of the CD are covers of CHEAP TRICK's "Come On, Come On" and STARZ's "Outfit". A U.S. and European tour will follow later in the summer, consisting of acoustic in-store performances at record stores during the day and full club shows in the evenings. A possible Japanese Tour is in the works as well. 

Source : Blabbermouth
For further information and up to date news and tour info check out the bands official website at www.americanheartbreak.com 

June 2003
Hello to all and anyone who comes here. No news as such to report. Andy's former band XFX have a date pencilled in at the Walthamstow Royal Standard for sometime in August. Check www.standardmusicvenue.com for details. Hopefully I can get my lazy ass to the gig and try and interrogate one of the boys into letting me have a copy of the album, which may never see the light of day.

So, you wanna be a rock and roll singer?
On a more positive note, I have received an email from Canadian Samick Endorsee Ken McLaren, who in a way, is a part of the Blade web of people and bands. He hung out with the boys back in the 80's, and was in the process of starting up bands with both Steve Pierce and Colin Riggs a while back . He is in the process of putting a new project together, and is on the lookout for a singer for said project. Now I hear you saying "Who?? What?? Where??" so click here and find out more about the projects, what he think of the Blade and how to register your interest for the vocal job!!!

May 2003
The first date for the Jack The Ripper musical in 2003 has been announced for Saturday 27th September at the Blackledge Theatre,Salisbury. It is unconfirmed at this time whether Alan Marsh will be appearing in the show, but as he is now a staple member of the cast, it would appear to be pretty likely.
Go to www.rippershow.com for further information.

XFX Gig Confirmed
I have received confirmation the both Andy Boulton and Freddie Ball have left XFX, but the band will continue with a new vocalist and have confirmed that they will be playing the Walthamstow Royal Standard on Marsh 21st, as support act to Led Zeppelin tribute band Whole Lotta Led.

For ticket info about the gig go to the Standard's website at www.standardmusicvenue.co.uk

Apparently, both Andy Boulton and Freddie Ball have left the band, after playing their final show with them at Stanford Le Hope, UK last year. By all accounts, they have recruited a female vocalist, and a gig  is being lined up at the Walthamstow Standard sometime in March. As soon as I see/hear more, you will be sure to read it here first!
A big Thank You to Karen Ross for the information.

Another format of a dodgy release
I received in the post the other day a cassette version of the Laserlight release of the Tokyo Blade CD from the labels 'MetalMania' series, made up of tracks from Ain't Misbehavin' and No Remorse. The tracklist and running order is no different than the CD and the catalogue number is 72 131.

At last! The Blade hit the DVD market!!
A new bootleg is doing the rounds at the moment of the Camden Palace gig from 1985, but this time on DVD format. Apparently, it was recorded from the original masters which are somewhere in Japan, which is where the bootleg originates from. The picture is crystal clear, and the sound has been noticeably remixed in comparison to the original VHS release.
Pics will be on the site shortly, and maybe even some footage from said show!!

Is this the end???
With 16 tracks written for the new album, all looked set for Tokyo Blade to commence recording the next album, but now it doesn't look like it will ever be finished. For whatever reason, original drummer Steve Pierce has decided to disappear mid-recording, and no-one knows where he is. Maybe BDP was the final gasp of the Blade. Whatever is decided, you'll be sure to read it here first!

Well, I finally made it to a Rippershow in Salisbury on the 2nd November. Alan Marsh was good enough to take some time out for a chat and a beer, and lo and behold, TB manager/investor and media bod Colin Fry and his wife Eva showed up too, so it turned out well. There was also a celebrity member of the audience there in the shape of Phil Harding from television archaeology show Time Team!
A big hello to Julian and Francesca too!!!

Shogun T Shirts
While I was chatting to Alan, the matter of merchandise came up. Apparently he was planning to chuck a load of Shogun t-shirts on the bonfire the very weekend we met!!! Needless to say, it looks like they will be available through this site very soon so keep checking' back - they're rare as hell and well worth investing in!

August Speaks Pt.2
Former Johnny Crash guitarist August Worchell has been in touch, and has a tattoo supplies website set up at www.skincandy.com. There's also a recent shot of the handsome chap in the JC section. He also told me of the sad news regarding JC bassist Andy Rogers, who had died of a drugs overdose circa 1992/93.
RIP Andy.

During the Burning Down Paradise sessions, two extra tracks were recorded which were intended to be included on the US release which never happened. The tracks were called "If You're Gonna Shoot" and "Sting In The Tail". Anyway, I received a CD from a guy in Germany which has Sting In The Tail on it, which I assumed was the BDP recording. How strange that it turns out that then that the version on the CD is actually from the Mr Ice era of the band, which adds weight to the 'unreleased' tracks subject.

Surprise, surprise. October came, and October went, and no sign of either the new XFX or Andy Boulton solo cd.

The Ripper Returns...
have announced a series of dates in November for the Jack The Ripper Musical, which features Alan Marsh on vocals. Information on the dates throughout the UK and more can be found at the aforementioned address. There is also a video online from the show featuring Al on lead vocals called 'Mob Rules'. It can be found at http://www.rippershow.com/video/mobrule28.wmv.

NWOBHM legends confirmed for European Festival
Angelwitch, who feature one time Deep Machine member Kevin Heybourne in their ranks have been confirmed to be appearing at the Bang Your Head festival on June 27-28 at Balingen, Germany. Other acts confirmed so far are UDO, Overkill, Annihilator, Pink Cream 69, Axxis, Brainstorm and Amon Amarth.

Scream for me London...
And lastly, the extremely rare Live At The Camden Palace video from 1985 has just been 'reissued' and made available through mail order. Price is £20 including postage and packing if you live in the UK, I don't know about overseas costs, but contact silvpark@aol.com for more information and tell 'em I sent ya!!!

Blade Finder
I'm starting up the record finding thing again. The deal is that you mail me and tell me what Blade record/CD you want and I'll find it. Payments and other details will be down to you to sort out with whoever is selling the items. No money passes through my hands at all - I just find the damn things!!

The next update will be...
February/March 2003

Until next time...