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Mike Harrison Ken McLaren August Worchell

Johnny Crash
A brief history

Christopher Stewart (rhythm guitar) met August Worchell (lead guitar) in 1978 at reform school in North California. A drummer back then, Chris, August and Faster Pussycat's Eric Stacy played blues covers in a band called Champagne, with their school principal on vocals - "The only way we'd get out to play is if he was with us" says Chris, who later played with August in World War III and in Neighbourhood Threat with Danny Stag and Johnny B Frank (subsequently in Kingdom Come). August brought in old buddy Andy Rodgers (bass) and Chris met Vicki James Wright (vocals) through Tracii Guns, after Vicki failed and audition for LA Guns (because of his blonde hair!).

From a large family in Bradford, Yorkshire in North England, Vicki got into rock 'n' roll to "to piss people off", to get back at lots of people who said I couldn't do it. I did it and found out I liked it. After recording 2 albums with British metallers Tokyo Blade, he moved to L.A. in December of '85. "I thought the streets of L.A. were paved with gold. I came without a return ticket so I was fucked. I bummed around, and finally met Chris two and a half years ago".

Stephen 'Punkee' Adamo (drums), who was born in Brooklyn and raised in Long Island and Poughside, NY moved to L.A. via Miami, FL three years ago and met Chris, joining up with Johnny Crash after playing briefly with Rock City Angels.

The band gigged for a mere few months on the L.A. circuit before landing a deal with WTG/CBS Records. Following the release of the album, Neighbourhood Threat, the band enjoyed tours with the likes of Pretty Maids, Bonham and rock giants Motley Crue.

The single Hey Kid saw the band record their first music video and in turn, earnt regular playback on MTV.

A second album was recorded without August, and featured future Guns 'n' Roses members Matt Sorum and Dizzy Reed, but the quality was very poor and the band were dropped from the record label, with the album remaining unreleased.

Since then bassist Andy Rogers has died of a drugs overdose circa 1992/93.

Neighborhood Threat (1990)

The Andy Johns Demos (Unreleased)(1989?)
WWIII Demos with dubbed Vic Vocals (Unreleased)
Damnation Alley - 2nd album (Unreleased)

Adapted from an interview by Gerri Miller, Metal Edge 1990
A million thanks to August for the additional info.

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Johnny Crash 1990

Photo by Glen La Ferman

Promo photo for CBS Records