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Individual Contributions

Mike Harrison Ken McLaren August Worchell



The following bio was taken from the bands page at PeopleSound.
For up to date information head over to www.chris-gott.com

GLEE - Vocals
MATTN MACHWITZ - Keyboards & Programming
CHRIS GOTT - Guitar, Bass & Programming

For a couple of years, TEMPELHOF was nothing but a spooky idea in the back of the minds of MATTN MACHWITZ and CHRIS GOTT, two music maniacs playing together in a German band called '12 APOSTEL', a band, that existed for nearly ten years and gained something like a cult status but, unfortunately, no financial success. All these years have been years of compromising, of being torn between managers, demanding a hit single and the bands own conception of music.

Beside this, the members of the band were members of the legendary 'WELTRAUM' recording studios, a playground for musicians, and, at the end of 1998, MATTN and CHRIS began experimenting with a new sound, 'the sound for the 21st century', and this time can be considered as the moment of birth of TEMPELHOF.

By the way - the name TEMPELHOF contains two meanings, first the literal meaning, that is 'the court of the temple' and second, it?s the name of an airport at Berlin and an airport is also a synonym for getting away from everyday life'and that?s what the music of TEMPELHOF stands for.

Okay - let?s get back to the history of the band'

Because of the fact, that CHRIS was the leadsinger of '12APOSTEL', the first idea was that he should be as well the leadsinger of TEMPELHOF, until MATTN got the idea of looking for a female singer. Two months later CHRIS accidentally discovered an advertisement in a munich city magazine, in which a female singer was looking for a band, doing something like trip hop
or independent music - a moment of pure destiny, because GLEE was the missing link to complete TEMPELHOF.
Now they were three and they decided to go strictly their own way, no matter whatever 'good advice' other people had in store for. They wanted to do music that 'comes from the heart and goes to the heart'.

After finishing the first three songs they began to contact several record companies, but they were always getting the same answer : 'This is not commercial - give us a hitsingle' ' The old nightmare was back and so TEMPELHOF decided to look for different ways of distributing their music, when they heard of PEOPLESOUND and the idea of broadcasting music via internet.

After sending off the music to PEOPLESOUND, TEMPELHOF gained nothing but very positive reactions and that's why you are reading this biography' Hopefully you enjoy the music and tell us your opinion about it - the things you like and the things we should improve' are there any'?
At the moment we are preparing for some live-shows, so the first gigs should happen at the end of this year.

Hopefully we can also do some shows in England and other countries and not only in Germany, because we are thinking of TEMPELHOF as something international'

Wishful thinking'?

Okay - let?s come to an end

Enjoy yourselves and our music - take care!

See ya


And after this...

Glee left the band in 2001 and relocated to England. Tempelhof remained as a duo and recorded a second albums worth of material.
PeopleSound Interview 2000 (translated from German)
We from current peoplesound.de charts volume selected, whom it describes us briefly why it straight with peoplesound.de their music to have submitted.


and to all only the unmistakable voice of GLEE, the charismatischen front woman is inescapably audible. In the last year of the old millenium it met two music crazy people, who already experimented at this time as members legendary SPACE Tonstudios at new sounds für's new millenium and were only on the search for the perfect voice to the perfect music in Munich on MATTN MACH JOKE and CHRIS GOD. That they found these in form of the voice of GLEE, one can file planning” probably confidently under the column “. The first result of common co-operation is present now with the album, THANX FOR THE MEMORY”. Perfect music for a perfect new millenium!

peoplesound: How and when you on peoplesound came?

For the first time we became attentive by the solid poster advertising of peoplesound on this company. Then we had the possibility with the Frankfurt music fair of taking Internet-based music enterprises under the magnifying glass. Peoplesound seemed to be us here best in the Internet represented. The music offer is very clearly divided into categories, so that each visitor enters its music style or favourite interpreter in the search machine and then a large offer similarly sounding interpreters to listen to or can downloaden.

HP: What induced you to enter with peoplesound?

Naturally everyone would like to present its music of a broad mass, therefore we were like always on the search for a suitable disk label. The interest of the disk companies was positive, but a disk contract did not come off, it followed the usual sayings of the A&R´s like “mad music, but we need a hit!”. Thereupon we decided to present our music in the Internet and came in such a way on peoplesound - us by the way outstanding support and present, thank you!

HP: What means a Internet-based music enterprise for you?

The possibility of presenting our music in the whole world. This succeeds, if the enterprise on itself makes attentive, is however only it by Plakatierungen or by advertisement in the Internet, in music magazines or other media to all kind. In addition, the offer and the quality of the music are of enormous importance, otherwise the Internet-based music enterprise can close soon!

HP: Was it difficult to settle the Procedere for the registration with peoplesound?

The usual formalities: Bio write, forms do not continue to fill out etc. all not badly.

HP: What means for you a “disk contract”?

TEMPELHOF is on the search for a suitable disk contract. We hope naturally to reach by means of peoplesound.de some listeners that can offer us a Plattendeal. Internet as exclusive offerers for music is only then interesting, if the artist is paid accordingly, happens over Internet surely soon. (e.g. remuneration of the Downloads, regulation of the GEMA deliveries etc.) here legally surely still some is done.

HP: How is the opinion to Internet live Events?

Who then at all still comes on concerts? We can imagine both, Internet would be determines an enriching, in order to see a liveGig over the monitor - above all if one is not straight at the place of the happening. A live-concert is indispensable nevertheless: the listener loves the pressureful sound, the Lightshow, etc. thus in the future: LIVE on the stage + LIVE ONES in the Internet!

HP: Still tap for the colleagues?

WE SEARCHES A LIVE DRUMMER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Thus, with interest simply leave an entry on our peoplesound Artist PAGE - one can settle that under “your comment”. We will announce ourselves immediately!

HP: Thank you at Mattn Machwitz and “Tempelhof”

© Hans Menzel 23.10.2000