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Individual Contributions

Mike Harrison Ken McLaren August Worchell

Line Up Pix
More to come soon...
(Click on a pic to enlarge - for Shogun & Mr. Ice pix head over to Dannwebb)

Tokyo Blade 1983
L to R - Andy Robbins, Steve Pierce, Alan Marsh, John Wiggins & Andy Boulton
Tokyo Blade 1984
L to R - Andy Wrighton, John Wiggins, Vic Wright, Andy Boulton & Steve Pierce
Tokyo Blade 1985
L to R - Andy Wrighton, Steve Pierce, Vic Wright, John Wiggins & Andy Boulton

misbshot.jpg (180279 bytes)
L to R - Andy Boulton, Alex Lee, Chris Stover & Peter Zito
1986_2.jpg (305575 bytes)
L to R - Alex Lee, Chris Stover, Peter Zito & Andy Boulton

L to R - Michael Machwitz, Astor, Andy Boulton, Michael Pozz
Promo Shot 1989
Tokyo Blade 1995
L to R - Marc Angel, John Wiggins, Alan Marsh, Colin Riggs & Andy Boulton