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Mike Harrison

Picture property of www.thehaights.co.uk

I met Andy Boulton, Andy Robbins, Steve Pierce and Alan Marsh for the first time at a White Diamond gig in (I think) Whiteparish were they set off an orange smoke bomb towards the end of the gig and nearly asphyxiated  the whole place. Got talking to them afterwards as I played lead guitar in a crappy club band at the time. As far as I can remember either Andy Robbins or his brother had originally played rhythm guitar and they were on the look out for another guitar  to do the Thin Lizzy type of thing. Got an audition and joined (briefly) but I turned out a bit too bluesy/funky for where they wanted to go and at the time they had 3 different sets so they were trying to teach me about 90 songs and write new ones at the same time. I did about 3-4 gigs with them, some only part of the gig.

Anyway they decided I was not the man so, although disappointed, I left-a much better guitar player than when I first met them as Andy was a bloody good teacher and totally into it. The split was completely amicable as I realised they were moving much faster than I, and I was a bit older than them. I even bought them all a pint after they had told me my services were not required!!!!!!! That's life!!!!!!!

One thing I do remember was practicing with them in the old Sea Scout hut in Salisbury and my ears ringing for three days after each practice-fucking loud or what!!!!

I went on to play in a similar type of band called Cobra in Salisbury for about 2 years and then gave it up but remained in Salisbury until about 8 years ago where I occasionally bumped in to Andy Boulton or Alan Marsh and we had a bit of a natter. I last saw Andy about 13 years ago in The Pheasant pub near Porton near Salisbury and he was doing well at the time and hadn't changed a bit. Anyway, have just joined a new band (after 20 years not gigging-terror) called The Haights based in Glossop near Manchester but it ain't heavy-more sorta retro Doors/Allman Brothers/Free type of vibe. Check out the web site at http://www.thehaights.co.uk/.

One funny thing was when I played with Andy he had a Gibson Explorer which I hated at the time (I had a Yamaha SG2000), I know own 2 Gordon Smith Explorers amongst other guitars and I always think of Andy when I play them.