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Welcome to
'The Page Of The Blade'...

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...an attempt at compiling the most comprehensive Blade site on the net.
Use the links at the top of the page to find your way around - there's plenty to keep you busy for a while.

You will find a few pages and links that are a bit dodgy, but they will soon be fixed - I'm rearranging all the files and pages, rebuilding some, adding new ones and so on, so bear with me.

Latest News...April 2007

Hobbyband post picture of new guitarist

Yep - here's the first official photo of the newly completed Hobbyband line up.

Top left : Markus Böker

Top right : Chris Gott

Bottom left : Martin Machwitz

Bottom right : Oliver Hendriksson

Go to www.myspace.com/wwwhobbybandde for sounds.

Gary Jeffery...secret Blade guitarist...


An interesting one here. The name Gary Jeffery has popped up a couple of times in my mission to complete an accurate history of the band, but I never could find any definite information on him. He didn't write or record anything with the band to my knowledge, but was in the band in 1985 or 1987, or even both.

Now thanks to an ex-bandmate, vocalist Al Dominey, we have a bio of a band called Ashmata, who featured Gary on guitar. What is even more interesting is that both Alan Marsh and Marc Angel tie in with the band too.

Go HERE to read about them.

Mega props to Al for taking the time to write it up.

Wiggins out of XFX...

Dunno what's going on in Casa De XFX, but after a short tenure with the band, it has been confirmed to me that John Wiggins is not with the band anymore, and has been permanently replaced by Rudi Rivere.

The current 4 piece line up, completed by vocalist Freddie Ball, bassist Ronnie Raymond and drummer Chas Towler (formerly of Deep Machine woo-hoo) will make its debut on the 28th April at The White Hart, Mile End, East London.

I'll be there so come down and buy me a beer!

Keep an eye on www.xfxtheband.com for news and gig dates or go to www.myspace.com/xfxrock for sounds.

Oh well, more information for Rockdetector to take and claim the credit for themselves.

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Andy Boulton, Alan Marsh, Vic Wright, August Worchell, Colin Fry, Thierry Mias, Ratt Matt (where are you?), Andrea Forlani, Stefan Fagerlund, Ian Green, Karen Ross, The XFX gang, Andrew Cawte, Paul Di'Anno, Jaap Wagemaker (I'll get those Deep Machine bootlegs to you one day!!), Chris Marsh, Glen Michie, Pete Lacey, Walter Eddowes, Tim Walker, Andy Ellis, The Tigertailz webcrew, Chris Gott & The Weltraum team, Alan Joe Wroe, Jurgen "Blacky" Schwarz, Volker Schmidt @ Rat-Tail-Rec, Frank Heukemes, Peter Prestel, Felix Astor (Sorry!), 

If I have forgotten your name, I haven't forgotten your contribution! (Paul Stanley 2006)

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The Page Of The Blade - 2001 - ????

I have noticed that there are plenty of websites out there reproducing stuff that originally appeared here, and claiming it as their own....some even have the cheek to claim copyright!!...Unbelievable!...Let me say now, that a lot of work has gone into this site out of passion for Tokyo Blade and family of bands, and a lot of words here are my own, or have been kindly contributed by friends and family of the band. A lot of info comes from hours and headaches of searching, emailing and generosity of others. To me, this info is to be shared...I don't really care if it gets reproduced, but I have found little or no mention of this site on said websites that like to use the info, which really takes the piss out of myself and anyone else kind enough to contribute to this site. I don't care for how many visitors come here as a lot of these places do - hell, there's even one that claims to own the rights to all of Iron Maidens lyrics!!! That's how desperate these sites are to bump up their visitor stats!!! Now don't think I am after glory, because that was never my aim - but this website belongs to every Blade fan out there, as well as anyone who has ever helped in some way, no matter how seemingly insignificant, so your failure to credit this website is a failure to credit them.

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