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Sept 26th: I'm goin' to China for two weeks (but don't worry, I very much doubt anything will change ;-).

(Sept 2nd) A new fanfic, "The Name of Someday" by JC Sun. Very intriguing story! Try it!
I know, no Feature, but I have actually been doing off-line designing for the new-look. (Honest!!)

(August 15th) New quotes. A while ago I added some thank you links. I'm slowly updating most of my "font" tags to include the attribute face="Arial" -- some versions of IE do this automatically, Netscape never does, and neither does v5 of IE. So -- updates!

(??)Hang on, is this right? She's doing an update that actually updates something?! Tell me another one!! ;-) Yes, there is a new and brilliant fanfic: The Mourning After.

(29th July) In 2 days, do you think I'll have a Feature ready? TWO Features?! You jest, surely. If you'd like to write me a guest-Feature, I'm open to interpretation -- uh, sumbissions :-).
Soon: fanfic rec's, Features, revamped Links, revamped entire site, a life ...

(21st July) Okay, despite the fact that only one person has bugged me about lack of updates (come on, people! give me a bit of support here! :-), this is a I'll-update-very-soon promise.
Why the hell has it taken so long? Well, mainly because I've been involved in other things. The Shipper's Nightmare, as you may now, is back, and I'm one of the archivists there, so that takes some of my time. Also I just love hanging around MASHEO too much to leave! Can I recommend this site any more? It is near genius, my friends. But remember: it's not serious. That's very important. :-)
Okay, they are largely excuses. I spend more time doing email than anything else. But I like email. So that's OK. It's just, I get no credit for it. :-) I would be positively overwhelmed to hear from you, however. So give me a bell!
For the future? Well, I've kinda got all of the above under control, for the moment. As we all know, poor l'il N.V. has been suffering. I'd like to say that I can get back to it now, but that doesn't seem to be happening either -- for almost the rest of this year, I'll have to be concentrating on my studies. Yes, the RL invasion. Noooooo! As much as I'd like to live solely to please my few die hard visitors, I'm afraid I'd like to pass my exams more. :-)
Things planned for NV:

  • July's Feature (yeah, the one due 21 days ago!!), I actually plan to get started on this pretty soon. :-) I'm terrible.
  • The new design ... the one that was going to be in place by the end of my holidays ... well, they're over, where's the design? Damn good question! :-)
  • August's Feature! :-O
  • The Ep Guide. OK, I actually have some ideas for this now. It'll be an incorporation of several things: slash and alternative romance promotion; CINA MASHEO values; and plain ol' denial!
  • The Almost-Kiss page. Could I be more slack here?!
  • I might even get really scary and publish some fic of my own. Be afraaaid ...
  • Our good buddy Lee Burwasser has been rec'ing a few fics to me, like I had asked! Specifically, RivkaT's "Folly" and "Fugue". I've only read "Folly" at this stage because it's very looooong, and for that same reason I won't archive it here. (I wouldn't want to inflict that much size 2 green text on a black background on anyone, not even my loyal devotees! :-) So a little table will appear in Fanfic with rec's that are too long or maybe not-quite-right but still of interest.

And if I ever sound like I'm complaining ... I am. But I honestly like doing this. (Well, hey, I wouldn't, otherwise.) I'm just a little snowed in at the moment. It will pass, I hope!
Uh, I think that's it. You can tell I've been hanging around MASHEO too much because of all the italics! :-)


  • Bee Squad screensaver - there's a page with download details here
  • You all know about the Bree Sharp song, "David Duchovny", don't you? For more info - including downloads - try Rebecca Bateman's page (an excellent page full of info, descriptions and downloads), and The DD Page of Lust. Good luck!
  • I recommend you get a mp3 player, if you don't have one already. I didn't until about 2 days ago. Go to, go to mp3, mp3 players, and get Winamp. I'm using it right now. Very nice. ;-)

8th July: Still no Feature, however - 3 new pages! Read Sparky's Questionnaire, plus the fourth archived fanfic and fifth one! Not to mention the mild revamp Fanfic has been given.
Oh yeah!! Proof is now A-OK for Netscapers! Yeah! Visit Medellia's Realm to say thanks!



In the Future ...

High priority / low priority? It's all urgent, innit? Welcome to my public personal reminder list.

  • Links - redo, again! Change URLs and reviews to TSN and MORSOR. (I might wait until the A-BB launch their site, coz it's gonna be fantastic. The best noromo site ever, if it ever gets finished! I am promising you that now.)
  • The pathetic ep-guide
  • Almost-kiss (and boy are we glad it was almost ... )
  • Introduction to M/O, S/O (unrelated to MORSOR) - a newbie's guide to slash and /other pairings.
  • Redesign the entire damn site. (The fun!)
  • Work on "other links".
  • Webrings ahoy!
    If I've forgotten something here, don't hesitate to let me know!

    Eventually ...

  • Start updating Search Engines a lot more often, as it is now a permanent (?) part of Links.
  • (In the very distant future) Expand the Noromo Calendar to be a yearly thing, as well as actually showing the piccies on the pages, and downloading a month at a time.
  • Writing my own fic (ha!).
  • Behind the scenes orginisation: A Noromo Values competition?? Maybe, in the future! No details until I can work out some cool prizes, and the best time to hold it. If you know of an online merchandiser that seels anything at all X-F related (books, vids, figurines, watches, X-Shirts - ANYTHING) please email me and let me know! Thanks! J

    Jeez! Even I didn't realise I had so much to do! Whatta backlog! J

    If you wanna volunteer your services ... feel free! I'd welcome the help! J Just email me and mention what you can do to help! Thanks, guys!

    NOROMO VALUES by Brianna L ( Let me know if something looks wrong, or if you have comments, critisism, praise, suggestions.
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    Spoiler free for Australian teev. Lawyers and Shippers, fuck off, everyone else, enjoy.
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