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On the right here, you should see a nice little table. What the hell is it? It's a list of authors that our fave fanfic recommender, Sparky, has told us we should check out. we Noromos. There might be a few MSRs, but you should be fairly safe!

What does NV's fanfic section hold for you now? Scroll down and find our few valuable locally archived stories. Scroll down a bit further, maybe find a few links. And of course, the Sparky Questionnaire!

So - enjoy. Read. Recommend. Tell me.

Fanfic For the Disenchanted
The Name of Someday "Krycek asks Scully a question of faith, and she answers in the negative."
By JC Sun ... a story that really stands out. Scully mentally wakes up. Something for everyone ;-).
The Mourning After "Two thousand miles is very far, but sometimes not far enough."
By Haphazard Method, this is a fantastic vignette-and-a-half, the likes of which should be seen a damn lot more often. Bravo Hap!!!
Swerving In My Lane "Skinner and Mulder have a little debate. Scully and I are going to sit here on this fence and swing our legs."
By Weasel. A very funny little office ditty. I knew Mulder was a Noromo at heart.
Afterburn "A Noromo's take on the relationship angle."
By Chris Kelly. Another humour, and another good one at that. I particulary like the last scene. :-)
Don't Touch Me "While in bed with Mulder, Scully dissects the artificiality of their relationship's status."
By Noelle Lundgren. Archived without permission. Short, straight to the point - and effective. An EXCELLENT story. If anyone knows of more of this type, please let me know!
Be Careful What You Ask For "Yet another Mulder and Scully sit in their office and talk ... but things don't turn out quite as they expected ... "
By Vered. Humour. You say their relationship isn't all cutesie and roses? Gee, I hadn't noticed.
Battle Of the Fans "A supposed showdown between all the X-Philes. But, since we don't know who wins until the end of the series, something goes wrong ... Intrigued yet?"
By Erin, a SKipper (favours a Scully / Krycek partnership). This doesn't even have M & S in it, but I am, so of course I had to archive it. :-)

WHAT type of stories is NV looking for, here? If you've read the above ones, you should have some idea. Basically, any stories that poke fun at the Noromo / Shipper debate, Mulder & Scully's relationship. Stories that revolve around M & S' relationship but are not all happy-joy-lovey. If you know of such a story / stories, please email me. I cannot stress this enough.
And if you write such stories, contact me right this damn minute! Thankyou! :-)

A LINK LIST for Noromo-friendly fanfic is notoriously short. This one will be even shorter as I am not including author's pages - see "Sparky Says READ". Believe you me, she knows waaay more about fanfic than I do!

However, Noromo-friendly archives, I can do. The greatest Noromo-friendly fanfic archive of all time is of course the Acacia Archive. She doesn't allow any MSR (whereas I will, if in the right context) so if your story is more suitable for it, go on and submit it there! Sonja Blue does a fantabulous, brilliant [insert superlative] job there, and she is very friendly indeed. Go on ... we webmasters don't bite. :-)

And this will sound so much like an advertisement that it's not funny ... The Shipper's Nightmare (TSN) Fanfic Archive is back and happening, now in a new location (the dreaded g!) and under new management. Maryanne, taking over from Anez and Dana, now runs all of the MORSOR Society and the Mulder/Other fanfic of TSN. Get to the commercial, already. I'm in charge of the Scully/Other fanfic. You got one to recommend, get over there and let me know.

There's a few stories at LOON's Fanfic Archive, but only a few. Try 'em anyway.

Of course, as always - Sparky's Doghouse. Simple, fair, and straight to the point.

Instead of archives, do you want a decent fanfic mailing list to join? For all your mailing list needs, there is NoRomo_Stories from Onelist. (That's a HTML link, not an email link, BTW.) More brilliant foresight by Sonja from Acacia! That link is a little explanation page for the list. Currently, it's pretty slow. Here's hoping it takes off.

Oh, god. Two tables on a page that is a table. There's going to be a nasty collision soon, surely.

The policy I will have for archiving things here is as follows: I will contact the author, asking to archive the story. If they don't reply in reasonable time (I will also try and do a follow up message), I will go ahead and archive it, stating it is without author's consent. If you happen to find one of your stories here and don't want it, please email me and if you want, I will remove it. Thanks.

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