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Whatever. Like I care!....

A smaller version of the 'logo' on the main page. Many thanks to Brent Waller who designed both for me, check his site out to say thanks.
A words only image...if you like your links cryptic.

A grey one, morphed from the "Kaddish" phint. Can you tell where the morphing mainly took place?? :)

A variation on the first one...with the "windy" piccie, not the "purple" piccie (my names for them).

The above, but together...this is at about 3/4 size, because it screws up my page otherwise. Looks pretty but takes a while to load.

The "Kaddish" morphed one from above, but opposite...this is how I got the "nvlinkelegant" one, too.

Still transparent, this one has the effect of "watercolor" on it. It looks smoother and more pro, but it's harder to tell what it is (and cryptic enough to figure out what the original one means, anyway...)

My attempt at a banner...this is full-size, but the M & S image looks too hazy.

This one is to make the notion of MSR laughable...the first version of this I had was really shit, thanks to Sonja Blue for letting me use her much better 2nd verison. Go check out The Web of Sonja Blue.

Long, and it will take ages to load, no doubt...*sigh*...didn't come up as good as the other quiz, I think.

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