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"Noromo Values" was born sometime in November 1998, in a vastly inferior design, too. Sorry about the cliched design, BTW. I made it back when I was a wild young hippie, new to HTML. And you won't catch me redoing all 30-something pages!

N.V. is designed in Internet Explorer 4.0 with a 800x600 screen using Notepad, Paint, Microsoft Photo Editor. It looks fine in the latest version of Netscape, but pages with tables will look different. Also all my horizontal bars are actually purple. This website is not in frames so rest easy on your laurels.

The big image on the main page was made by a mate of mine, Brent Waller. Visit his site, Nisei Central, to say thanks!

Hopefully soon I'll be able to redo some of the code so that it looks good in smaller and larger screen sizes. Occasionally I fiddle around with it, and I know it looks atrocious. Sorry guys! All four of you.

N.V. should look alright in other earlier browsers and weirdo ones like Opera and Lynx. English only, I might do intros in other languages sometime soon. But it hardly makes sense in English, so I don't know if it would be worth the translatin' time!

Er ... enjoy. And comment, please!


There's a couple of pictures of M & S, but I don't think FOX will be running around after me anytime soon. Most of the time I hardly mention them! Still: I don't own them.

Everything is copyright and repsonsible to me - Brianna L - - unless otherwise mentioned. Where possible, I mention the owner.

Because of my wild hippie ways, I don't censor myself. If occasional (but appropriate!) "language" offends you ... prepare to be occasionally offended. If you're a parent trying to find the paragraph on my site which says you can sue me because I've corrupted your precious Darling ... there isn't one. You probably can't. I do wish you wouldn't - there's a lot more irresponsible sites out there. Just think, they could be visiting a Shipper's site!


I'm Brianna L, the one controlling everything 'round here. I'm a student with two part time jobs, so I can't spend as much time updating my site as I'd like. (If I had it my way, it'd be like, updated every 5 hours!) I do my best but let me know if I've screwed up or if something sucks or if I'm being too pretentious.

I love Angelfire 'cuz there's no pop ups. Very professional!

My favourite keyboard trick, which I learnt from Boogie Jack, is that the "Print Screen" button actually copies your screen. Then you go into Paint or whatever and press "Paste". Very cool!

I live in Australia so no spoilers please.

I've been watching X-F since "Squeeze", and they don't make 'em like that anymore, do they! For S#1 and the start of S#2 I was only a casual viewer, around S#3 I got "focused" and around S#4 somewhere I got Noromatic. (Who thought about these things?! Who thought there could be fans who wanted them to get together?!)

My fave season is #4, I haven't liked very much past that, I'm a Scullyist, Mulder is really starting to irk me. Lone Gunmen POWER (especially to Byers, he's da MAN!) and I also defend Spender on a part time basis. Alright, he looked like a wank, but his character was much too important to be killed off after a mere 6 mytharc eps. He deserved more than that!! I don't mind Skinner but I wish he would get a decent Skinnercentric ep for once! Just once!

Haha, now time for some fun stuff. I LOVE MUSIC! My other big hobby, besides HTML / webmastering.

Soon I'll also be webmasterin' a couple of sites for the XFFCA and myself, big announcements when they arrive - promise. J

thanks, Bee Squad!

Many thanks to the Bee Squad for givin' me this! 'Preciate it, guys! J

Alright, enough rant from me. Now email me and tell me all about you! J

NOROMO VALUES by Brianna L ( Let me know if something looks wrong, or if you have comments, critisism, praise, suggestions.
Not in frames but table-heavy so Netscapers, tread lightly. Sitemap, disclaimer.
Spoiler free for Australian teev. Lawyers and Shippers, fuck off, everyone else, enjoy.
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