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June's Feature: The Bee!


June 1999: The Bee
N.V.'s very own tribute to our little digger - THE BEE.

A Review: ""The poetry of Brianna's recently added Bee Feature, spoke in a melody of emotion and logic unparalleled in modern literature. A picturesque dream-horizon emerged, and lifted the reader into world past the shimmer of David Malouf, or the child-like ideology of Diane Wakoski. The process of reading Brianna's poetry transcended boundries of reading itself, morphing instead into a whirlwind of light and enlightenment and joy. Such indescribable joy. I shall not soon recover -- and I hope I never will." Thanks, Masheo Greg! J

It's pretty important to note that these Features are current as of the month they were posted. Stuff changes, it gets updates. Features, however, largely do not. That's why you have to get your browser back here at least once a month to read the latest! (...blatant self promotion, anyone spot it?)


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