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Regardless of my own opinion, every specifically Noromo-friendly site I find gets a review and link here. That means at least one page about something Noromatic. Not just saying "I'm a Noromo" and a Bee Squad link, 'k?

Noromatic links for one and all!
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CLASSICS acacia > loon > bee squad > dawgtoons > masheo
MEMORABLE love page > t.s.n. fanfic > the fence
AVERAGE official discussion board > morsor > detail-obsessed > anti-boink > no lovers
UM ... temple of worship > moonlighting-fallacy > noromo HQ > 86*S, 36*E
AVOID defence guide > x-phile's paradise anti-shipper page


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    Home grown!
    The Acacia Archive
    What's the deal? Yes, it's finally happened folks - a SPECIFICALLY NOROMO-FRIENDLY fanfic archive! You should know what an achive has by now...FANFIC, and lots of it! Listed by author and title. Webrings. New stories. Submission section. Links. Guestbook. Sonja's doing lots of great things with Acacia and it's only going to get better.
    We think...

    Not only is Sonja one of the most dedicated Noromos, she's also dedicated to quality. Quality website + quality stories = one of the best Noromo websites around. EASILY the best for fanfic, I mean you want Noromo fanfic, you ain't going anywhere else. Home-grown, Acacia just gets better and better...even gaining notoriety at Sparky's Doghouse! Read an interview with Sonja.

    Name? LOON - League of Outraged Noromos.
    What's the deal? LOON is for those who have been shamed by the terrible, constant Shipper onslaught. Register your Noromatic Rage right here!, they say. We Noromos have to stand up for what we believe in. They have a members list, a place to join, a very amusing (if not time consuming) mailing list, a member's area with some member-made things (including fanfic),a Yahoo! club and some member's links.
    We think...

    LOON is blissfully simple in both design and concept; Reade even gave it a mini-makeover recently! Introduce yourself on the mailing list, and that's where the fun starts - do LOONies know how to rock or what! :) Read an interview with Reade.

    Name? The Bee Squad
    What's the deal? The Bee Squad is the site to visit for Shippers who believe the bee in Fight The Future was the real hero of the flick. And Noromo hope: "There are plenty more bees out there." The Bee Squad has FAQ, members area, a great little "forum board", webring, "link to us" section, guestbook, etc. They also send out a newsletter for members every two weeks or so. People scared of frames should tread lightly.
    We think...

    This site has a great sense of humour, good for a laugh. It loads pretty quickly for such an image-heavy site, too. (Altho' I personally believe that Mulder & Scully - and CC & co., too, for that matter! - should consciously realize that having a relationship wouldn't work. They shouldn't need the insect world to figure it out for 'em!

    Name? Mulder And Scully HATE EACH OTHER!!!
    What's the deal? Taking the Noromo stance to the utmost, MASHEO proclaim that M & S really do hate each other to death. From the site's creator: "Let's talk honestly for a moment...Mulder and Scully Hate each other? The idea is absurd. Almost as absurd as the ideas that Mulder and Scully should, could, or want to, be involved romantically." Right on!! You can choose frames or no frames, a few "hate" comics (?!), Hate by Sounds and Hate by Pictures. There's also the Temple of the Bee and now, a message board and links.
    We think...

    Ah, my god. How did I do without this site?! What a cack! Talk about FUNNY! :) I totally love the idea of taking the Noromo stance to the extreme. There is a bit of a frames overload, but there's a non-frames option. Check it out!!

    Name? DAWGToons
    What's the deal? DAWGToons features a series of online cartoons about "the X-Files community, specifically noromos and shippers". There's just the cartoons, but what else do you need? :) Kidding. But the cartoons are the focus. Also a guestbook and a links page.
    We think...

    DAWGToons is a very, very, funny little site, truly unique. The cartoons are well made, and altho' are a bit slow to load (understandably) are worth the wait because they are so damn funny. Check this out at least once. Read an interview with GaDawg.

    Name? The Anti-Boink Brigade
    What's the deal? COMING SOON ... WATCH THIS SPACE!
    We think...

    Name? The X-Files: For the Detail-Obsessed X-Phile
    What's the deal? Detail Obsessed really is for those who are detail obsessed. There's an extensive "Detail" guide for almost every ep, and heaps more. Like: X-F cross Star Wars, Fun With Guns, Bios, XNicknames, Krycek Klone Factory, Poetry, Links, XTools ... phew! I'm tired just thinking about it all! Plus way more than I've mentioned. But the reason that Details is here is because it hosts "Noromo Declaration" and "Noromos at Random".
    We think...
    Alright ... this is a fantastic site. It does deserve more stars, but as there is only really 2 specifically Noromo-friendly pages, I can't give it any more! Really it belongs down with the two's, but the sheer volume of work put into this site demands more. WEBMASTERS TAKE NOTE: Marita knows how to do it. Less is more! More people (myself probably included J) should follow her example. An excellently designed site that utilizes space well ... Marita, full marks to you in every respect!

    Name? The Noromo Love Page
    What's the deal? The Love Page, having been perhaps the first Noromo site, is starting to wilt towards it's end, I fear. The main section is Achase's "Ponder this...NOW" weekly (?) commentary. There's also some funny Noromo poetry, a guestbook, and a few links around the place.
    We think...

    This is not meant to be some all-encompassing site, and the ceator doesn't make any bones about it. Being spoiler-free, I usually have to scroll right through AChase'c comments, however I get the impression Chase ain't none impressed with the latest episodes. Hey, you're not the only one, mate! Read an interview with Chase.

    Name? The Shipper's Nightmare Fanfic Archive
    What's the deal? TSN is an archive of Mulder/Other Romances and Scully/Other Romances. Whatever else you find floating around there is entirely happenstance. All stories are archived as basic HTML files.
    We think...
    I'm not rating this because I'm the VP over there! (I'm in charge of the SOR.) For the same reason I don't review NV, I'm not reviewing TSN. It's being rebuilt by Maryanne, now that Dana and Anez are too busy to look after it. However I will say that I think it has plenty of potential -but we need your help. We need you to visit, to read, to recommend, and as always, send feedback!

    Name? The Fence
    What's the deal? Those wacky OBSSEsors present another fantabulous idea: a home for Fencesitters. And an online Powerpoint presentation to boot! :) They have an ... interesting ... reasoning method, which explains why Fencers (and strangely, they like to call themselves "Schmoopers") are always right (?!). Nifty explanation, list of members and lastly, a link to LOON.
    We think...

    Funny, original stuff. If I wasn't so damned Noromatic I'd join them gladly. Apparently you can please everybody all of the time...

    Name? The No-Lovers Zone
    What's the deal? By a couple of ladies named LadyAdrell and V Darken, this is their page dedicated to all us Noromos. As they rightly say, "This isn't Love Connection." They've "borrowed" M & S bios from the official site, have a couple of small pages with their opinions, as well as sounds, air dates, news & interviews. They run the ARINL webring!
    We think...
    Although rather sparse, it's a great little site. More of 'em, please!!

    Name? The Official NOROMO Discussion Board
    What's the deal? A Noromos-only message board. It actually runs off Gadawg's AOL page, of the cartoons, and I believe it has close connections to the offical NOROMO love Page. So it's not so much a site, per se, but a section I'm just gonna include here because you wouldn't wanna miss it.
    We think...
    Those starts really should say "2-4", because it all really depends on the content, doesn't it? Who's posting and what they're saying. It's heavily biased towards American teev (always a downer for the rest of the world. What rest of the world? I hear them ask. :) Still, it's gr8. Loads quick, easy navigation, easy to post. Plus, it saves me having to make one. :) Read an interview with GaDawg.
    Many thanks to Mary for suggesting it. Visit her site of X-Files stories to thank her for it.

    Name? The MORSOR Society
    What's the deal? The MORSOR Society is for those who don't want M & S to get together, and wouldn't mind if they got with someone else. There's a main page, a weekly update, some great link-to images, a member's page, and a low-volume but fun mailing list.
    We think...
    I'm the VP here, so no rating. That doesn't mean it's so bad it doesn't deserve a rating, don't make that mistake. :-) MORSOR is very closely connected to TSN, so hop along to both these sites and give them the once-over!

    Name? A Temple of Worship
    What's the deal? The page I'm linking to here is actually a single page called "A NoRoMo's Mind" within the "Temple of Worship" site. The Temple of Worship site has fanfic, links, pictures, sound clips and a couple of actor/character pages. There's also a Skipper section. The linked page also has a link to the creator's list of Noromo links (nothing new). They have a cool banner (see the link?), the creator's reasons for why M & S shouldn't get together, and promises of more soon. (Heard that one before!)
    We think...
    Considering it's only one page of a site and there's hardly any content there, this is favourable. But the page uses colours and fonts well. Personally, I love this sentence as a part of Reason #3: "Mulder believes in the truth but Scully is catholic." Oh, well in that case...

    Name? 86*S, 36*E
    What's the deal? Like the above link, the page I'm linking to here is one page called "The Misconception that is Shipperdom", within the site called 86*S, 36*E. This page is is basically the webmaster's "why I'm a Noromo" page (that's even what it's called in the link from the main page :). This actual page only has text and one link (yours truly, way down at the bottom :) Thanks!) The site has an episode guide, character guide, Rat shrine, spoilers, fanfic, pictures, wav.s and links.
    We think...
    More Noromo power. It's finally happening, people! :) Fairly plain design, but not annoying, so that's a plus. This particular Noromo is an UST-lover (it doesn't exist, dammit!!) who makes some interesting points, even turning the fact of Scully's obvious jealousy in "The End" into a Noromo point! Yeah!! As Maria says, "Change is bad; VERY bad." I'm with you there, sister.

    Name? Why the "Moonlighting Argument is a Fallacy" Argument is a Fallacy
    What's the deal? Dawg, of DAWGToons and NOROMO Discussion Board Fame, sets out his best Noromatic argument - and it's not the "Moonlighting" one! Dawg, obviously a big Get Smart fan, uses points and pictures in a one-page explanation of how X-F will suck if it follows the path Get Smart took.
    We think...
    OK, it is only a single page; really, it shouldn't even be here, as it's really one page from a website, not a website itself. But I had to list it, just in case anyone missed it! I think Dawg could be on to something here! :) Read an interview with GaDawg.

    Name? NoRomo Headquarters
    What's the deal? The call themselves "NoRomo Headquarters", they aim to convert a coupla misguided (pardon, they're all misguided!) Shippies to Noromodom. This single page has the author's Noromatic argument, featuring "Moonlighting", I believe, a show I have only ever heard of because of X-F (before my time - now I'm showing my age!). There's a paragraph of warning relating to Millennium, the theory that if they get together, GA will get hurled out (a la Catherine) and Mulder will get paired up with an older woman! At the end of the page, there's some Noromo-friendly links.
    We think...
    One page; what would you expect? Some good links (not a plug for me, don't worry) and a reasoned argument. But "headquarters"?? Um, naaah!

    Name? The NoRoMo Defence Guide
    What's the deal? Offer about 6 Shippie arguments, followed by Noromo defence. There's arguments and defence. Rules for submitting an argument and e-mail addies you can contribute arguments to.
    We think...
    Ah...I really hate to give a site ONE, especially a Noromo one! But really, that is all it deserves. 6 arguments. No images at all (it's actually a part of a larger site, not particulary ntoeworthy). It's a very basic, half-hearted attempt at what I'm sure was an excellent, original idea. But really ... BTW, it also has S#6 spoilers and absolutely no warnings anywhere about them. Uh, you Yanks out there?? HELLO, THIS IS THE REST OF THE WORLD CALLING!

    Name? An X-Phile's Paradise Anti Shippers page
    What's the deal? Self-explanatory, ain't it? A single anti-shippie page. There's some arguments, and anti-Shippie points, then there's 3 links, one to "Anti Shipper Stories" - dead. "Great Anti Shipper Site" - this link works. (Don't worry, it's listed here.) "Anti Shipper Links" - dead link. Jackpot!!
    We think...
    I'll be blunt: terrible design. Poor content. Now scroll back up to top quickly for some good links, guys!

    Got a Noromo-friendly link? You KNOW I want it! Please tell me!

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