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Top 10 Reasons M & S shouldn't be together (scroll way down)
Confused Genius - read the entertaining ramblings of a - gasp - SHIPPER!
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Just to piss all the Shippies out there surfing, here's a collection of massive generalizations ...
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(Many thanks to Medellia who picked this up for me! Medellia rocks!!!)

think Mulder and Scully should get it on. know that Mulder and Scully should not get it on.
hear your run-of-the-mill sappy love song and really believe it could be "The Mulder & Scully song". Or even not your love song. Apparently "Bullet With Butterfly Wings" also has X-Filian qualities! (I believe this is referring to Mulder, but STILL ... ) hear your run-of-the-mill sappy love song and think, "What a load of shit. Why don't they play some decent songs?"
think "Memento Mori" was an excellent episode because they almost kissed think "Memento Mori" was an fantastic episode because of the excellent acting, superb storyline, moving post-production and sob-enducing FX.... :) not that extreme.
think their contribution to society is undervalued even though they have many webrings. know that they are shunned in the common X-Files commmunity and have little support, because most of the elite Noromos have better things to write episodes...
can't understand why Mulder and Scully don't kiss passionately every chance they get. pray fervently and constantly that The X-Files doesn't get to the stage where Mulder and Scully are kissing passionately every chance they get.
first started watching The X-Files because they thought Mulder (or Scully - are there many male Shippers?) was like, completely drool-worthy, and like, a sex god first started watching The X-Files because it was interesting, original, a little freaky and entertaining. And the stars were drool-worthy.
tune out when Mulder talks in cryptic to informants, and instead concentrate on how sexy he looks when he's confused.
confusing? sexy!"....Wha?"
concentrate on all the science and conspiracy, and even though they usually go over the top, it still picques your mind.


Top 10 Reasons Mulder & Scully Will / Should Remain Platonic:

#10. Pure business sense: too many big bucks to made from "UST".
(doesn't exist, people!)

#9. Look what happened to Moonlighting.
(International Noromo credo)

#8. Screw Moonlighting; look what happened to Get Smart!
(Credit GaDawg)

#7. If they get together, Scully will get chopped out of the series and Mulder will get paired with an older woman! - Also known as "Look what happened to Millennium".
(Credit NoRomo HQ)

#6. Scully deserves someone better.
(Credit every Scullyist out there)

#5. Mulder deserves someone who has more of her own ova in her body than he does in his freezer ...

#4. The end of slash as we know!!

#3. There are plenty more bees out there!
(Credit Bee Squad)

#2. The Shippers would win.

#1. It's tough making a relationship work when you really HATE your partner!!
(Credit MASHEO)


Got one to add? You know you do! Email me now to get it added here! Of course, all credit where credit is due. If you think I've listed an idea here which was expressly yours, then give me a bell! Thanks!

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