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"Scully loves Mulder, and Mulder loves Scully, it's a wonderful romance. It's just not a sexual romance, it's not a physical romance. It is a caring, tender respectful relationship. It's an ideal, and I would never want to do anything to threaten it, to change it."
--'That TV Special', 1998

3 things you'll never see on The X-Files: "You'll never see Mulder and Scully romantically involved. You'll never see Scully and Skinner romantically involved. And you'll never see Mulder and Skinner romantically involved."
--(originally, I have no idea!) Was quoted in '8 DAYS' #350, Singapore

Does Carter reject the possibility of M & S getting together in the final episode? "I do. But I'll qualify that by saying that it's a show on which anything is possible."
--Same as above

"(Mulder and Scully are not at) the mutual back-rub stage."

"I think their relationship is defined not by what' said but by what's being withheld. But it's absolutely plain that they love each other - in their own way. And it's the best kind of love. It's unconditional. It's not based on a physical attraction, but on a shared passion for life and their quest. These are romantic heroes, romantic heroes in the literary tradition."

"A big part of my job during the August to May scope of that pilot creation was protecting against that [romance]. I was really the lone voice saying we cannot have these people romantically involved. There cannot be real TV sexual tension here or else the show won't work. As soon as you have them looking googly-eyed at each other, they're not going to want to go out and chase these aliens. The relationship will supplant or subvert what's going to make the show great, which is the pursuit of these cases.
--"The Truth Is Out There" interview, pre-1995. Read more of that article.

"I didn't want this to be another Moonlighting. I didn't want the relationship to come before the cases...I think the best kind of sexual tension is when you put a smart man and a smart woman in a room: You've got immediate sexual tension, no matter if it's romantic [or not]. There's a tension there. And I think that's what we have with Mulder and Scully. I think there's a mutual repsect, a mutual passion to solve these cases. And I think that people have responded to that."
--"The X-Files Declassified", p 7. Written by Frank Lovece, published 1996 in Great Britain by Hodder & Stoughton. Punctuation marks are author's own.


"(The worst aspect of playing Scully is that) You're forever asked if I believe in UFO's, if Scully gets it on with Mulder, and if I'm like her. For the record, she's not spontaneous and doesn't need close relationships. I'm the oppposite in that regard. She's probably charmed by Mulder but I don't think she's ever fantasised about him being naked."
--??free music mag in Australia??, 1998

"To have them get together would take out all that sexual tension. It just wouldn't be the same."
--Herald Sun (Victorian newspaper) interview, 10/2/99

"When would we kiss? I mean, when we're flying around a corner and just about to shoot an alien, are we going to smooch and say, 'Be careful, honey. Come back with all your DNA intact'?"
--Thanks to the XFFCA for this.

"It's still, 'Are Mulder and Scully going to get together?' I swear people have heard it, they've read it, but they still ask."
--"Trust No One: The Official Third Season Guide to The X-Files", p 244. By Brian Lowry, published 1996 by Voyager.

"From day one we've been talking about the fact that a romance between them just wouldn't work."
-- Redbook (from the Isms Archive)


"(Mulder & Scully's relationship would be like,) I'm about to discover the existence of extraterrestrials and figuring out everything that's been going on since the dawn of man. And yet that remark you made at dinner, Scully, that really hurt my feelings."
--Thanks to the XFFCA for this one.

"But ... imagining Mulder and Scully as a couple? I don't think that's going to happen one day. The intrigue is so intense in episodes of The X-Files and the script so focused on the paranormal, that I have difficulty seeing Mulder and Scully hiding somewhere, waiting for the villains, talking about the problem of the lavatory seat being left up all the time. That's for Dynasty!"
-- "Studio", France (from the Isms Archive)

"Romance ... would change it [the show]. I don't think our writers are particularly interested in writing relationship stuff. If they wanted that, they'd be working on Ally McBeal. If I had a choice, I'd say don't have Mulder and Scully together because it takes the focus away from the quest. There are so many shows about a man and a woman. Ours is the only one about a guy trying to find aliens. That's the show's strength, so let's stay with that."
-- Scottish Daily Record (from the Isms Archive)

"If we slept together, the show would turn into thirtysomething. No one wants to hear us whining about picking up the kids and then suddenly say, You know what, honey? There are some genetic mutants I've noticed down the street. Let's go get 'em."
-- Stuff For Men (from the Isms Archive)


"(I see them as) ...a squabbling old couple."
--Vince Gilligan, via the XFFCA.

"We do that as little as possible because, honestly, who wants to see Mulder and Scully together?"
--Vince Gilligan, via the Eve Files.

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