Falconer - Grime vs. grandeur 3/5

Reviewed: 6-17-05


1. Emotional Skies
2. Purgatory time
3. I refuse
4. Humanity overdose
5. The assailant
6. Power
7. No tears for strangers
8. The return
9. Jack the knife
10. Child of the wild

This is Falconer’s 4th CD and the 2nd with their new singer. The change of singers caused a lot of discontent among their fans, as the original singer had more personality and overall quality to his voice. This new singer is not, bad. However he is more generic and brings a lack of excitement to the music. The music remains power metal with a medieval feel to it.

This CD isn’t a whole lot different from the previous one. Although the band still has a definite medieval sound to them, they have moved more towards a standard power metal sound than they had on their first couple of CDs. The songs are well written but mostly unexceptional. There are some exceptions, the opening track especially. It features an absolutely great chorus that gets the CD off to a great start. This continues for the first half of the CD with the 5th track, “The assailant” being another high point; this one is a speedy track that just rips at breakneck speed and is very, very good. Unfortunately the 2nd half, while fairly good, doesn’t feature the same quality songwriting and by the end of the CD I find myself ready for the CD to be over.

This is a quality CD for Falconer. It is not great and it is not among their best CDs. They continue to sound more generic than they did on their first 2 releases. The songwriting is good but not great. The performance is totally professional and it will produce no complaints, but it can’t do anything to make the CD any better than it is. For Falconer to take a step back up from this above average release it is the songwriting that needs to get better and more consistent. Power metal and Falconer fans will enjoy this CD, but it is not of overwhelming quality.




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