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Future is Tomorrow - Fit to die (part 1) 3.5/5

Reviewed: 10-23-09


1. Dead [Requiem aeternam]
2. Another soul [Kyrie]
3. Awakening the ghosts
4. All for you [Dies irae]
5. Stories to tell [Tuba mirum]
6. Fit to die
7. Save us, source of mercy [Rex Tremendae]
8. The day of retribution [Record are]

Future is Tomorrow, a new Italian progressive power metal band, introduces their full-length debut 'Fit to die (part 1)'. Not only do I love most Italian bands, I'm also very much into progressive power metal these days. So I was glad to have the opportunity to review this debut, which was self-released this year.

When I think of Italian progressive power metal, the bands that come to mind are DGM, Labyrinth, Flashback of Anger, Helreid, Elegacy, Vision Divine, Night Cloud, Secret Sphere, Hemisphere, Concept, Metatrone and some others, and Future is Tomorrow does fit in this group of bands. There isn't a lot of speed present on this debut however, and it probably leans more towards progressive metal than power metal, but it's without wierd or experimental elements and the keys are far from dominating. It's actually a straightforward CD without many unexpected twists and turns.

Massimo Bottiglieri is the band's vocalist, and he has a good voice. He does have an accent and is a fairly typical Italian vocalist, but he's not in the totally high-pitched range (falsetto). He reminds me a lot of Secret Sphere/Alkemyst vocalist Roberto "Ramon" Messina, though he's not quite up to that level yet. The band also contains an all-male choir, which nicely highlights some of the songs and is definitely a welcomed element.

Musically, most of the songs are catchy, with track 2 "Another soul [Kyrie]" and track 4 "All for you [Dies irae]" being my favorites. There are some well done slower parts that remind me of Night Cloud and some of Secret Sphere's material, but I personally wish there was more speed, as a few of the songs do seem to lack some excitement. That said, this is an enjoyable debut overall and one that fans of Italian progressive/power metal should seek out.




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