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Fallacy (The) - Love Division 4/5

Reviewed: 5-1-13


1. Love division
2. Mistaken love
3. Drops of fire
4. Holy or ghost
5. Desperate
6. Angelface
7. No dreams at home
8. Force of nature
9. Through separated waters
10. The omen
11. Die with me
12. The key

The Fallacy is a band from Chile that was formed in 2007. They released their debut 'Falling roses' in 2009, their 2nd CD 'Beyond the mist' in 2010, and 'Love division' is their 3rd CD, which was released in 2012. The band consists of only 3 members - Marco Cusato and Angeline Bernini are both guitarists and vocalists, while Niko Arell rounds out the line-up as the bassist. Their style is piano/keyboard-driven gothic metal that's fairly light but extra catchy. The dual vocal attack is outstanding, as Marco's clear yet low voice is balanced perfectly by Angeline's lovely voice.

When I think of the band as a whole (with both the music and vocals in mind), the bands that jump out as comparisons are Lacuna Coil, Elevare, some of Theatre of Tragedy's stuff, and there are also hints of Within Temptation's amazing 'The unforgiving'. The Fallacy is not only comparable regarding music and vocals though, as their songwriting skills are impressive, they emanate a lot of passion, and they basically mirror these other bands regarding quality as well.

While I think the band's debut 'Falling roses' is solid and their 2nd CD 'Beyond the mist' is even better, 'Love division' is the band's best CD so far, though my favorite song from the band remains the catchy-as-hell "Circles of misery" from their 2nd CD. As for 'Love division', it has a tremendous start, as the first handful of songs totally grab your attention. The remainder maintains the high level of quality however, wandering through dark and moody emotions, with softer moments (I really like the smooth and memorable track 7 "Force of nature"), but plenty of upbeat segments too. It's one of those CDs that if you're in the right mood, can simply be a wonderful listen.

Experiencing the band's 3 CDs has been really nice, and I was therefore pleased to learn that they're currently touring the eastern part of the U.S. (mostly Florida), so that many other gothic metal fans can hear what they're capable of. This fairly unknown band is one that I'm totally pulling for, and I truly hope to see them gain the success and recognition they deserve.




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