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Fraise - A new beginning 4/5

Reviewed: 1-25-08


1. Fall a prey
2. Heal me now
3. Colours of sin
4. Light my flame
5. Sign of victory
6. In luxury
7. Midnight moon
8. Arian and Arador
9. Take me away
10. Always hope
11. Where angles fly
12. Euphoria

Sweden's Fraise already has a solid debut 'Hellicornia' under their belt, but this 2nd CD 'A new beginning' should really get them headed in the right (successful) direction. To get straight to the point, the band's style is melodic power metal in line with Burning Point, Crimsonfire, Inner Visions, Ghost Machinery, Black Majesty, Wisdom, Excalion, Inner Wish and maybe even Destination's Calling. Vocally, just like with these bands, you can expect a good clear voice, as Ola Hedman sounds a lot like the vocalists from these other bands.

The aspect I like the most about 'A new beginning' is no doubt, that it's an upbeat and exciting CD. There are very few slow parts and it flows extremely well. Most of the songs are fast-paced, but even the more mid-paced songs contain a feeling that's very far away from monotonous and boring. If you're a power metal and you like your metal uptempo, you'll be plenty happy here. Keyboards are present but far from dominant, and there are a few spots on the CD that recall bands like Thunderstone, Dreamtale, Supreme Majesty, etc., so this is a CD that will definitely appeal to many power metal fans.

Just about every song on 'A new beginning' is terrific, but I will single out track 5 "Sign of victory" as my personal favorite. The CD is filled with catchy guitar work, cool guitar solos and sing-a-long choruses though, and I truly like the entire CD. Therefore, I don't have anything negative to say, although I'm not blown away by 'A new beginning', as this style has been done before (obviously), as evident by the large list of comparisons at the beginning of the review. Still, this is highly recommended to fans of melodic power metal and this is certainly a band to watch out for.




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