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Fortaleza - Una luz entre las sombras 4/5

Reviewed: 11-20-09


1. La casa del trueno
2. La leyenda del tajhn
3. Angel eterno
4. Snisouso
5. La mulata
6. Diamante de Luna
7. Olvido
8. La mano del hombre
9. Una luz entre las sombras
10. Dime jaguar

Believe it or not, Fortaleza is the first Spanish-language band that I've completely gotten into and purchased their CDs. This Mexican band has 2 CDs, 2007's 'La Fortaleza de la soledad' and 'Una luz entre las sombras' is their 2nd CD, released earlier in the year. While I usually stay within the Russian language (or recently Japanese language and Mandarin Chinese language too), I'm a bit more open to other languages when the bands are female fronted. Quick examples would be the French-language band Adrana or the Indonesian-language band Dreamer, both of which I have and enjoy.

So yes, Fortaleza is female fronted, by Helena (with no last name given), and she has a beautiful voice that will surely please fans of female fronted metal. The band's musical style is symphonic power metal and they belong in the group that contains Nightwish, Arya, Visions of Atlantis, Overdream, Sphinx, Rosa Ignea, Luna Aeterna, the aforementioned Dreamer and Adrana, and certainly plenty of others. Fortaleza has a constantly present violin however, and because of this, they remind me a lot of Septem Voices. For me personally, the addition of the violin has made this band stand out in a very impressive way, as their songs contain a lot of melody.

As far as tempo, and regarding both of their CDs, the band has struck a nice balance, offering up some wonderful slow parts (which are sometimes mellow and soothing), but plenty of speed too. I actually find the debut to be a bit catchier musically (especially the amazing violin segments), but Helena sounds a little better on this 2nd CD. So overall, the CDs are fairly equal as far as quality, and the level of quality is excellent.

The only thing that could possibly deter fans of female fronted symphonic power from getting into Fortaleza is that they're a Spanish-language band, and while I admit I've passed on the language for many years, I'll also admit that I'm glad I gave Fortaleza a chance. Even if I never get into another Spanish-language band, it was well worth it to open my ears to Fortaleza. Hopefully some of you will as well, as they're definitely competitive in the style and the Spanish language has actually provided a bit of freshness for me.




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