Temple of Rock May 14th - SAXON
Reading, Pennsylvania

My first day back from California and I am off to Reading PA for another concert. One of my very favorite NWOBHM bands that I've been listening to since 1980, I have every release by Saxon and then some.

I filmed a bit of "Denim and Leather" below which is fuzzy at first but shows the band in fine form. I could never get tired of this band. Great energy at their concerts and one of the top Metal bands ever. Great head bangin' fun!

Again I left New York around 11am for Pennsylvania. No rain this trip but the traffic through the Bronx was so slow, trucks everywhere, again making my drive an hour longer than needed. Once I got on Interstate 80 across Pennsylvania traffic was smooth but what I thought would be a 3 and a half hour drive turned into a 5 and a half hour drive. I was supposed to be at the venue at 4pm for the meet & greet but found myself in heavy two lane traffic through rural Pennsylvania countryside. When I finally arrived at the Reverb parking lot I found a dozen other Saxon fans waiting out front. Turns out all that cursing and being frustrated over being late was for naught as they had not started yet.

Meet & Greet!

I met a couple guys who were also at the Temple of Rock meet and greet in April. I got to chat a bit with guitarist Doug Scarratt (far right) about his musical influences and about listening to vinyl records again.

SAXON - Warriors of the Road

Some of my SAXON Swag
Shirt, laminates, lanyards, photo, picks.