Let's Go Mets! MAY 20 - HOME GAME #22 vs St. Louis Cardinals (26-13)

Bartolo Colon (6-2) vs Carlos Martinez (3-2)


Lets Go Mets! Bartolo Colon got roped again, this time at the hands of the Cardinals. Zero offence and zero pitching means a 9-0 loss. Enough said. And it was cold.

Ticket Cost: $113
Time of game: 2:43
Attendance: 23,726

Hyundai Club buffett

I had Hyundai Club seats again today, so I did not eat before the game. There is a wonderful buffet with these seats and more food than is necessary. That was the only highlight as the game did not go well for the Mets. The Washington Nationals are playing well and have made up the 7 games they were behind the Mets. Both teams are now tied for first.

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