Let's Go Mets! MAY 16 - HOME GAME #18 vs Milwaukee Brewers (13-23)

Jacob deGrom (3-4) against Matt Garza (2-4) The Mets have dropped five straight games.


Lets Go Mets! The Mets, losers of five straight games, broke that streak big time with a 10 run 4th inning. New York had scored just 10 runs combined during the 5 game losing streak. The Mets sent 15 batters to the plate and collected nine hits during the 32-minute rally. Wilmer Flores' grand slam was the big hit, but every Met contributed to the historic inning, the first of its kind since 2006. Pitcher Jacob deGrom had 3 hits and drove in the Mets first run in the second inning. Light rain fell most of the game.

Ticket Cost: $55 with the 7Line Army
Time of game: 2:56
Attendance: 30,208

Bark at the Park day

This was the third time the Mets hosted "Bark at the Park" day. Dozens of fans bring their dogs to the game, which is beyond my comprehension. Walking past all the dogs of every shape and size waiting to enter the park brought back memories of years of meter reading and trying to avoid these creatures. I saw a few scuffles but how they keep them all from fighting is beyond me. Today was fedora hat day so I went to the game without a hat so I could wear my fedora, it collected a bit of water during the game.

My new Mets hat

My view today

I sat with the 7Line Army in center field tonight. After Friday's lackluster performance by the Mets and the fans, tonight was rowdy cheering from the stands. And the Mets responded with a huge 10 run rally, something that had previously happened only three times in Mets history. The fans went crazy and it made the slight drizzle that accompanied the whole game tolerable.

My view during the 10 run 4th

The Apple rose next to me after Flores' grand slam

I finally got my wish of sitting in the rain during a game. The best part was that it never was hard enough to get me soaked but I was very damp afterwards. And in the 9th inning it really came down. Few in the 7Line Army left early so I didn't have to sit in the rain by myself. I missed an opportunity to get my fan of the game questions answered with so many die hard fans sitting around me but I did get free Citi parking again for the ninth time in ten games.

The tarp went out immediately after the game was over

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