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I wanted to have a running National League standings here but it would be too much to try and keep updated. There are many other websites that do such a great job, like Click on the logo above for updated MLB scores & standings.

Links to the right are some of my favorite and most visited Mets related websites. I'm a big fan of Faith And Fear In Flushing as I enjoy both Jason & Greg's long running perspective on the Mets and being a fan. Greg's book of the same title was very enjoyable for me as he chronicled his life paralleled with being "that guy" who is a die hard Mets fan. The 7 Line is a site "For Mets fans, by Mets fans" featuring Mets related shirts and other gear that also does large group gatherings at Mets games both home and away. It's neat to see the section of Mets fans all wearing the same gear at games. There is also a kiosk at Citi Field to get their great Mets related stuff.

One of the nice guys I've met at the ballpark this year is Dave Giwner who has a blog on Facebook called Dave's Mets Dugout. He likes to take pictures of jersey backs and post them on instagram. Although I don't do instragram myself, I think he has photos of two of my jerseys.

The Ultimate Mets Database has a wealth of Mets information including a searchable database for a lot of things about Mets game and player history. This is where I got the cool baseball cards of current Mets on vintage Topps designs. The website Mets 360 has very good commentary about the Mets. Some things I agree with, some I don't but always presented in a friendly discussion environment. I've recently been checking out Amazin' Avenue and Mets Merized Online for articles on the Mets.

I'm sure there are others too that I may add as the season goes on. Let me know your favorite Mets sites. There are also a couple links to other web pages I've done over the years that list my concert attendance and my tributes to Willie Mays and Michael Schenker.


Now that 2015 is over, are you planning to do this again next year?
I wish I could do it again but being so far away from home is tough to do for a whole season. Being away from my family and hometown for such a long period of time is just too difficult to justify the cost. If I was to move to New York permanently it would be easier but that's not gonna happen.

How did you get the nickname Skid?
A friend of mine in high school, Robert Orosco (no relation to Jessie) said one day in class that if I had a kid I should call him Skid Rowe. Well the moniker stuck on me as classmates and friends started calling me Skid. Nearly everyone has known me by that nickname ever since, including family and friends. Some people think it is a terrible nickname but I've had it for so long (40 years) I answer to Skid more than when people call me Dave or David. I used to have Skid on my work shirts for years. I like the nickname and wear it proudly!

Some fans do a cross country ballpark tour to different stadiums, why wouldn't you do that instead ?
My first thought was that after retiring I could maybe take the couple hour drive to San Francisco and spend time just going to Giants games for days in a row. Going to the ballpark everyday was what excited me. But I thought to myself why would I spend that much time rooting for the Giants and missing Mets games on the internet. So then I thought why not just go to New York for a week or two and hit a long homestand and that idea expanded to my goal now of being at every inning of every Mets home game at Citi Field for the whole 2015 season. I hope to make a few road games also.

Have you been to a Mets game in New York before?
I have been at Candlestick/PacBell/AT&T for almost every Mets visit since 1984. I've missed a few but attended more than I've missed by a large margin. I think I've only missed about a half dozen since the Giants moved to their new ballpark in 2000. Unfortunately I did not go to the Division Series games in 2000, it was better to watch on TV than be in a hostile environment! [just kidding] Giants fans have always been very good to me and they love their team. I actually have a Giants cap for when I attend non-Mets games in SF.
I have only been to one Mets home game. June 9th, 1999. I have the story written down somewhere to share at a later date. But being at Shea was surreal. Mets jerseys, shirts, hats, jackets were everywhere. I got to see Mike Piazza and Rickey Henderson play that night. And the game went 16 innings so I got a little extra time there. And the Mets won!

Where did you get photos of baseball cards that do not exist?
Being a card collector I have saved many "virtual" cards that I have come across on the internet. Some I got from the Ultimate Mets Database as stated above. I'd like to make my own digital vintage Topps cards as it looks like fun to do.

Why do you have a bible verse on each game page?
I am a Christian believer in our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. God has blessed me in my life with wonderful family, supportive friends, and a good living. I believe he has allowed me time and resources to enjoy my hobbies of baseball and music more than I ever could deserve. So it is my small way to honor God with the blessings of being able to do something that I never thought would be possible, spend time in New York and watch the Mets as a home town fan.

Skid, do you own the Hard Rock albums you list?
I have a pretty extensive CD collection of my favorite bands. Some popular, some not so well known. I wish I could live long enough to listen to them all. My favorite Hard Rock/Metal songs play on my Live365 internet radio station, SkidRoweRadio that has been online for over 15 years. Classic Heavy Metal music and Mets Baseball are my two favorite hobbies.

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My only previous visit to a Mets home game, June 9th, 1999.