Let's Go Mets! MAY 31 - HOME GAME #29 vs Miami Marlins (20-30)

Bartolo Colon (7-3) tries to avoid a sweep by the Marlins, his opponent is David Phelps (2-2).


Lets Go Mets! Bartolo Colon pitched well and hit well! The light hitting Colon drove in a run with a double that rolled through to the center field wall. Ruben Tejada again knocked in a key run with a double in the seventh inning. Colon got his 8th win of 2015 to lead the National League.

Ticket Cost: $81
Time of game: 2:47
Attendance: 28,711

Exchanging starting lineups

My friend Murph joined me for this game, we had met during game six at Citi also against the Marlins. We met up at McFadden's a little before 11 am, had a beer or two, then went inside to find our seats. The seats were in the Excelsior section, a section I had not sat in yet. We found the very nice Caesar's club behind home plate with a wide area to sit, eat and drink.

My View with Murph

The view was nice from here and we could still hear the fastballs popping the catcher's mitt. We were in the shade just as the game started, a beautiful day for baseball yet again. Our seats were just above the Hyundai Club where I had already sat a few times. Murph liked these more than the ones we had last time behind home plate because of the elevated view.

Video board control room

While walking through the Excelsior level we ran across this window into the video control room. It was amazing how many screens and graphics they were using. I could have watched a few innings here through the window.

Mets Win Again!

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