Let's Go Mets! MAY 19 - HOME GAME #21 vs St. Louis Cardinals (25-13)

John Niese (3-3) tries to get back on track after the loss to the Cubs last week. He will face the Cards Michael Wacha (5-0). While St. Louis has the most dominant staff overall, Mets starters lead the Majors with a 3.06 ERA. That low number is thanks in part to just 47 walks allowed in 244 1/3 innings, which also leads baseball.


Lets Go Mets! A disappointing game for Jon Niese as he gave up a run in the first four innings. Again little offence from the Mets except for a 2 run HR by Daniel Murphy. Just called up from Las Vegas to replace slumping Kirk Nieuwenhuis, outfielder Darrell Ceciliani got an infield single for his first MLB hit. Cards pitcher Michael Wacha showed why he is 6-0 as he dominated the Mets lineup. After striking out five times Monday, Randall Grichuk led the Cardinals' with three extra-base hits and three RBIs.

Ticket Cost: $21
Time of game: 2:43
Attendance: 21,157

View from the Pepsi Porch

My first time sitting in the Pepsi Porch in right field, this is certainly a party section. Most of what I heard when attention was towards the game by the fans was "This guy sucks" and "Why do they still have him". I even heard a discussion about Steven Drew as our shortstop. What? That rumor was last April. One guy after bad mouthing Michael Cuddyer, watched him single up the middle, then commented "He should have hit a homer". "Fans" like this are the same ones who go to concerts, bitch about the set list, spill their beer while getting up three times during the show, and leave before the encore. But they are big "fans", or at least they will tell you that.

The food choices are not as varied as other sections, so I went and got a steak sandwich from the upper deck behind home plate. My seat was in foul territory on the Pepsi Porch, 2nd row. I was excited about sitting up here at the beginning of the season. Last weekend they had Bark at the Park, where fans bring their dogs with them to the game, and they all sit up here together. There was a feeling in the back of my mind that I was in a used kennel.

My game view tonight

I met two guys, Mark and Joey, who were sitting in front of me. I always seem to meet good people. Unlike the guy behind me who chatted the whole game with his buddies (until they left early) and used my seat as a foot rest, even after I sat down. Certainly the views from here are nice. You can see the 7Line trains bringing fans to the game, construction of a dome on the Arthur Ashe tennis stadium, the 1964 World's Fair buildings, and more auto chop shops than probable anywhere I've seen. I envisioned this area as future bars, restaurants, and hotels. It would only enhance Citi Field more.

Future home of a Marriott Courtyard?

Putting a lid on the tennis arena

Mets Fan of the Day
  • Name/Nickname: Joey
  • Mets Fan Since: 1995
  • Favorite Mets Player: David Wright
  • Favorite Mets Moment: 2006 NL East Championship
  • Favorite Rock Band: Demon Hunter