Go Mets. Lets Go Mets!

September is upon us.

The Mets are in first place.

Life is good.

I'm not sure what to think. I'm still not convinced this is really happening. Met fans are being cautious given their recent stretch run failures in 2007 and 2008. I keep hearing people talking about "7 with 17 to go". But the best comment someone made was that this is a different team. I would agree with that. This week I was able to purchase my strip of playoff tickets. It will be different to sit in the same seat for any Citi Field playoff games. But I've got a good seat and I hope I use every ticket with the last being a World Series clincher for the Metropolitans.

The Mets Social Media got ahold of my story and put it up on tumblr and linked it from Facebook. I'm not too sure about the publicity, but it is pretty special to be acknowledged doing my Dream Season by the Mets. And how so many friends, family and people I've met have shared the story and made encouraging comments. I've been able to share this year with so many in so many different ways.

End of Month Update

So it happened. I'd like to say just as I had planned but every year I plan on the Mets winning the Eastern Division title. This year they did it. This year I watched it. Now it's time for the postseason. I've never attended a baseball playoff game. I was at the 1984 All*Star game. Never made it to any of the SF Giants postseason games during their 3 out of 5 year World Series run. It is going to be tough. There will be amazin' wins. There will be devastating losses. Once the season is over the Mets only have to win 11 games. The Mets have to beat three teams that have also made the postseason. Just win three series and the improbable coincidence of my Dream Season being one of destiny along side the Mets will be realized.