Let's Go Mets! MAY 29 - HOME GAME #27 vs Miami Marlins (18-30)


Matt Harvey (5-2) faces Dan Haren (4-2). Matt comes off the worst start of his career last weekend in Pittsburgh.


Lets Go Mets! Harvey Night started strong as Matt struck out 6 in 3 perfect innings. But the Marlins rookie Justin Bour, blasted a Harvey pitch just inside the right field foul pole for a 3-run homer that not even a late bottom of the ninth Mets rally could overcome. Harvey pitched 8 innings, giving up 6 hits, 1 walk and struck out 11.

Ticket Cost: $31
Time of game: 2:08
Attendance: 33,880

This game flew by in 2 hours 8 minutes, barely time to get comfortable and some to even get through the concession stands. My seat was in the first row just above the Party City Deck. This area gets hammered with baseballs during batting practice. It's funny to see groups of unsuspecting coworkers or family members gathered and chatting while baseballs invade their conversations by bouncing off the back wall behind them.

Party City Deck

Parking lot entertainment

Another entertaining segment of the game is the exit from the parking lot. There is an exit near where I park [my free streak is still intact] and it is fed from three lanes. Every night's "me first" honking and wrangling to get out is also fun to watch. I have an easy drive home so I'm never in a hurry afterwards, I'll just sit back and watch the road rage commence. Tonight an older gentleman, say around 45-50 yrs old, was screamin' at everyone pulling in front of him. He got so frustrated he jumped out of his SUV and started walking towards the exit. I thought he was going after somebody at first but he just continued down the sidewalk, leaving his shocked wife to drive herself out of the parking lot.

After the game meal

Since the game got over so quickly I did not have time to have a proper ballpark food staple before I left so once I got home I fixed some BBQ bacon cheeseburger sliders. Man, were they good!

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