Let's Go Mets! MAY 2 - HOME GAME #13 vs Washington Nationals (10-14)

Left-hander Jon Niese (2-1) is on the mound against left-hander Gio Gonzalez (1-2). Michael Cuddyer and Juan Lagares have been successful against Gonzalez over the years. Cuddyer is 6-for-14 (.429) with a homer and four RBIs, while Lagares is hitting .375 with a homer and four RBIs. Mets outfielder Curtis Granderson has hit safely in his last 12 games and Nationals outfielder Bryce Harper has a career-high 17-game on-base streak.


Lets Go Mets! Gio Gonzalez came up the winner against Jon Niese in a great pitching duel. A second inning infield single scored the only run of the game for the Nationals. Juan Lagares' single in the first inning set a Mets record by hitting in 13 straight home games to begin a season. He was thrown out at home plate in the first with what would have been the Mets first run. Another large crowd tonight as the fans were given a Jacob deGrom garden gnome as they entered the stadium.

Ticket Cost: $67
Time of game: 2:31
Attendance: 39,730

Tonight's dinner - Pastrami sandwich

Today was just a bad day [said the guy with nothing to do except go to games], I wasn't feeling well after the cold of last night. Then I missed getting the free parking, shelling out the $22 grudgingly. As I was putting on my jersey next to my car, a kid in the back seat of an entering car gave me a thumbs up and said "Let's Go Mets" with a big grin. He was a happy Mets fan. My ticket again allowed me access to the Delta Sky360 Club so I ordered a very tasty pastrami sandwich and ate inside before the game. Once I went to my seat, next to me was a nice couple who were from Glasgow, Scotland. They were visiting New York and decided to take in a baseball game. They knew nothing about the game whatsoever. I volunteered to be their interpreter. I showed them on their ticket that they had access to an inside club if it got too cold. After about 5 innings they went to look for the Delta Club to escape the cold weather.

My view behind first

I only lasted an inning later and went inside too. I found the Scotland couple in comfy warm lounge chairs watching the game on TV. This was two games in a row that I couldn't handle the cold. But now I wasn't feeling well. I went back out for the ninth inning but there was no game winning rally to be had.

Waiting for traffic to clear

As I walked to my car a family with three kids walked past me and I overheard one kid say "I could come here every game, even if they lose!". A young Mets fan saying the magic words. Once I got home I felt even worse. Tomorrows game is a Sunday day game and the weather is supposed to be better [75 degrees], I hope to go and get some cold medicine after the game. And Monday is a day off so I can rest up. This baseball game watching can be a brutal job if I'm not careful.

Mr. Freeze

This place saved me from the cold

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