Let's Go Mets! MAY 1 - HOME GAME #12 vs Washington Nationals (10-13)

It's Matt Harvey Day against the Nats. The 4-0 Harvey faces Max Scherzer (1-2). The Mets will try to end Washington's dominance at Citi Field. The Nationals are 25-5 at Citi Field since the start of the 2012 season.


Lets Go Mets! Matt Harvey wins his 5th straight game of 2015 without a loss. The shutout of Washington evens the 4 game series at a game apiece. Michael Cuddyer homered in the 4th to give the Mets a 1-0 lead. LF Jayson Werth fell down chasing Daniel Murphy's bases loaded fly ball in the 8th. That cleared the bases and gave the Mets a 4-0 lead. Jeurys Familia got the last five outs for his 10th save. SS Wilmer Flores made a first inning error and struck out 4 times, bringing the wrath of the boo birds in the crowd.

Ticket Cost: $25
Time of game: 2:29
Attendance: 33,178

The National Anthem before the game

Cold weather was expected for the game so I tried to prepare for it. I failed as the breeze across the left field stands was very cold. Even with gloves on I was uncomfortable. I had sat in the Delta Sky360 Club the last two games and my butt was spoiled by the nice cushy seats behind home plate and the empty seats next to me. I give kudos to the families that were out in the elements in left to watch the Mets. During the 6th inning I went looking for a Men's room without a line out the door. I ran across an employee that wanted to introduce me to someone in the Delta Sky360 Club. His last name was also Rowe. The funny part was that I had sat a few chairs away from him at the Delta Sky360 Club bar before the last two home games but did not have a opportunity to speak then. I was able to stay warm and watch the rest of the game in comfort [as Jeff said, "What a Nancy"] but I did venture back into the elements to watch the top of the ninth.

This view is only $25 with free ice

Before every game I usually arrive at the parking gates around 4:30 for the 7:10 starts. The ballpark does not open until 5:10 so I walk over to McFadden's Bar & Grill that sits behind the center field fence. This is where I have met most of the people I've talked to. And you can enter the stadium from their side door. Today I met Doug who is a New York Fireman. I forgot to ask him the 5 questions. I don't know why it is so hard for me to ask someone to fill out five simple questions. I just hate to bother people even though everyone who I have asked has been very nice about it.

Hot sausage, one of my favorites

Free parking again tonight thanks to Citi Bank. I was the first to ask and park in the specially designated spaces. But since it is next to the exit it made it hard to leave after the game until everyone else had cleared out. While leaning on the trunk of my car, eating peanuts and drinking a water, I watched thousands of Mets fans driving out of the parking lot. Every car seemed to be wanting to go in a different direction than the lane they were in and it was a bottleneck, even with attendants pointing the way. My way out is simple and does not involve freeways, so I don't mind being one of the last to leave. First there, last to leave. What else do I have to do? And I'm still home by 10:30, try doing that from a SF Giants/Oakland Athletics night game to the valley.

First in, last out

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