Let's Go Mets! MAY 27 - HOME GAME #26 vs Philadelphia Phillies (19-29)

Noah Syndergaard (1-2) makes his fourth big league start against the Phillies Sean O'Sullivan (1-3) with the Mets looking for a series sweep.


Lets Go Mets! Noah Syndergaard dominated the Phillies lineup for 7 plus scoreless innings, allowing only 6 hits, no walks and striking out 6. Home runs gave him all the offence he needed including a 427 foot home run to center field by Noah himself, the first Met pitcher to homer in two years. Michael Cuddyer hit a two run shot and Lucas Duda added two more bombs.

Ticket Cost: $89
Time of game: 2:41
Attendance: 24,406

My thirteenth Mets game in thirteen days. If I wasn't sick I would be exhausted. The two road trips to Pennsylvania [Saxon,Pirates] since I returned from California did not help. A day off tomorrow will be welcome. On day games I leave my apartment around 10:20am and get back around 5pm, night games I leave around 4:20pm and get back about 10 or 11pm. So it is a 7 hour workday. The day games are tough, as every one seems to follow a night game the evening before. With today's win, the Mets are 20 wins and only 6 losses at Citi Field this season and I have not missed an inning yet [although a few innings were spent in the Delta360 Club behind home plate].

Warm seats on the first baseline.

I'm still feeling the effects of being under the weather and today was very warm in the sun. I wandered a few innings around the ballpark because it was nice and cool out of the sun. Also in the seats just behind me were four guys who felt the urge to yell loudly at each Mets player as they came up to bat and it was not encouraging words. They had conversations between themselves (that everyone else could hear) about their wonderful opinions on the Mets, as if they lived only for sports talk radio. Boring and intrusive to other fans. And they thought the bacon on a stick was the best meal they had ever had. One guy who thought he was a human ballpark organ [dat-da-da-dat dat-da-da-dat loudly] said he could die happy today because he had bacon on a stick, Syndergaard was pitching well, and the Mets were winning 7-0. And he had to share his thoughts with everyone within earshot. This was the 3rd time I've been near loudmouth "fans" who think their opinion should be shared loudly with everyone within earshot, even when the target of their tirade isn't in the vicinity.

Last year's All-Star 2B Daniel Murphy failed to pick up a grounder up the middle and the runner was safe at first. Four guys just a few rows behind the dugout started on him with taunts about his ability and desire to win. Really? He was our only All-Star last year. He is batting .520 his last seven games. And you give him crap about a meaningless grounder? Really? I just don't get some "fans".

Dinosaur Education Day

This was the second day game at Citi in which buses of school kids came to the ballpark. Last Thursday was Weather Education Day, today was Dinosaur Education Day. They had a large costume of a Tyrannosaurus Rex for the kids and Rex threw out the first pitch (very poorly) from his mouth to catcher Anthony Recker.

Someone has good taste in jerseys.

Mets Fan of the Day
  • Name/Nickname: Andy
  • Mets Fan Since: 2010
  • Favorite Mets Player: Matt Harvey
  • Favorite Mets Moment: Johan Santana's no hitter
  • Favorite Rock Band: Silversun Pickups