Let's Go Mets! MAY 30 - HOME GAME #28 vs Miami Marlins (19-30)

Jon Niese (3-5) will throw for the Mets against Mark Koehler (3-3). Giancarlo Stanton has 3 career HRs off Niese.


Lets Go Mets! Jon Niese gave up one of two clouts by Giancarlo Stanton, who is a monster whom I would walk nearly every time he came up to bat. Suddenly hot Ruben Tejada collected two hits and 3 RBI's while getting his shot at the third base vacancy due to David Wright's health issues. No one seems to be able to step up for the Captain and fill his enormous shoes.

Ticket Cost: $124
Time of game: 3:07
Attendance: 39,095

Tonight's view

I really liked these seats, I was a lot closer to the field than I thought I was going to be. No foul balls in this area tonight, I haven't had any near me yet all year. At least not near enough to spit, choke, and wrestle it from some woman or a kid. I picked up a Mets beach towel as tonight's giveaway item. It was very warm today so seats in the shade were a plus.

Marlin's batting practice

As close as I've gotten to Mr. Met

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