Let's Go Mets! MAY 15 - HOME GAME #17 vs Milwaukee Brewers (12-23)

Bartolo Colon (6-1) faces the Brewers Kyle Lohse (2-4)


Lets Go Mets! Three hits. Colon gets blasted early. Washington breathing down our necks. Somebody step up and stop this spiral. David Wright not coming back from injury any time soon. Bullpen failures. Defensive lapses. I am not a Ryan Braun fan. So of course he hits two HR's and makes a great diving catch in right field. This was the first home blowout I've been to. Not many happy fans today.

Ticket Cost: $124
Time of game: 2:18
Attendance: 27,554

During the last road trip for the Mets, I was able to fly home to California for a few days. Time was spent with my family and I even got in a dental appointment. But I'm thinking the short trips home just make it harder to be away. I've never been away from my home for two months straight before in my life. As I left my house in my rental car to Sacramento airport for my flight back to New York, on Sirius radio Ozzy's Boneyard played UFO's "Rock Bottom". That Schenker/UFO song has risen to be my favorite song of all time. I have dozens of different live and studio versions in my music collection. I've heard it live 50 times. I hack at it on my guitar. It seemed appropriate as an omen of good luck for my trip east.

My favorite song of all-time

I get back to New York just after midnight and of course can't sleep. I finally did around 3 am. The next day I wanted to visit the Three Stooges Stoogeum outside Philadelphia on my way to Reading, PA to see one of my favorite bands SAXON. But I had a hard time getting up early after a travel day and skipped the Stooges museum for another day. After too long of a drive to Reading, I did a meet & great with the band during their soundcheck, including getting a photo with the band. I also got one with Saxon guitarist Doug Scarratt and myself. He is one of my favorite Metal guitarist. We chatted briefly about his influences and how we both have been listening to vinyl records lately.

Saxon guitarist Doug Scarratt

I had not been to a baseball game in eight days, which was my first real "off day - no game" streak of the season. I found myself totally out of sync after the trip home. Free parking was acquired as I entered the parking lot (that's 7 of the last 8 games), then I headed to McFadden's. No one struck up a conversation but I didn't go looking for one as my throat was sore from the concert the night before. Looking for food I went to the Delta Club and had another pastrami sandwich. That's when I started texting my good friend in LA, Kerry. As I made my walking trip around the ballpark and to my seat, Colon threw the first pitch. A very nice Mets fan named Ray sat in front of me and we struck up a conversation about the Mets slump. He was wearing a vintage road jersey that is my favorite Mets uniform over the years. It had #41 for Mets Hall of Famer Tom Seaver and RAY above it on the back. It was funny because my favorite jersey is the same style but with #24 for Willie Mays and SKID above it. We talked Mets baseball most of the game as Milwaukee scored seemingly at will and the Mets bats went silent. I was also texting Kerry during the game, spending more time on the phone than I like to during a game. Ray was kind enough to fill out my 5 questions for me.

So there is a noticeable lack of photos from this game. It is game #17 and I forgot to take any pictures, well I take that back I took one as I was leaving.

Rain at the end of the game

While leaving the game, slight sprinkles had started but I never got wet, missing my goal of sitting in the rain during a game. I'm sure it will happen some time during the season.

Showing off my Saxon shirt

Mets Fan of the Day
  • Name/Nickname: Ray
  • Mets Fan Since: 1962
  • Favorite Mets Player: #41 Tom Seaver
  • Favorite Mets Moment: 1986 World Series game 6, Buckner error
  • Favorite Rock Band: 1950's Rock & Roll