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"Sherwood Mariner was no doubt the best shot in our regiment --- but he never had the pleasure of firing a gun --- but was instantly killed by the enemy's first volley [at battle of Corinth]."

---Lt. R. H. Crozier, Commanding
Company I










"Today a very horiable accident ocured with some soldiers of the 33rd Miss. Regt. that was atinctering with a torpedo at the fort [Pemberton] and it exploded killed 3 of them and wounde 4 others very badley."

--- Diary of H.N. Faulkinbury - 31st Miss. for Sunday April 20th






"We were all day getting the wounded off the field and burying the dead [at Franklin, TN]."

---M.V. Kees
(Co. C)
diary for
Dec 1, 1864











































"Our men suffered terribly. We had a great many killed and wounded. Lieut. Col. Horad of 33rd Mifs. Regt. lost a leg. Capt. Sharps of Co. H was killed and many privates killed and wounded . . ."

--- A.Q. Porter
(Co. D) diary
May 31, 1864









"This morning the dead rebels were buried, most of them were from the 33rd Mississippi Regiment. We lost about 44 men through deaths and casualties, and captured a rebel flag, white with a red field and a silver star. More than 50 rebels were buried by our regiment alone, among them Colonel Drake from the 33rd, a huge guy with a red beard."

--- The Journal of Pvt. George Hoenig
26th Wisconsin Regiment














"The poor Southerners who were wounded are now while I am writing laying all around me on the ground suffering and bleeding. Oh how I do feel for them."

--- A. Q. Porter (Co. D) diary
March 20, 1865

















"The health of the Regiment is still bad. There are many cases of diarhea & some cases of fever in every company..."

--- I.G. Lea (Co.K) letter July 20, 1862






"In camp, 1002 are reported sick. Of those, 8 are affected with small-pox."

--- Asst. Inspector General report January 18, 1863



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Died In Service (usually of disease, but some from wounds in an unidentified battle) are listed
at the end of this list.

Atlanta, GA In the trenches --- from July 22 through August 30, 1864

Killed (or mortally wounded): Lt. J.W. McCrary (G) (mw) --- 3rd Sgt. Clement Clay Lea (K) --- 5th Sgt. William C. Wall (B) --- Gabriel Lovell (C) (mw) --- --- Thomas McGuire (H) (mw) --- John H. Turnipseed (K)

Wounded: 2nd Sgt. G.W. Stewart (B) --- 2nd Corp. Henry C. Hale (I) --- Henry C. Cavanaugh (E) --- Jacob B. Clements (G) --- Velasco W. Cunningham (K) --- Thaddeus C. Dunn (K) --- Ira L. Griffin (A) --- William Newton Hampton (B) --- Lewis M. Hollinger (D) --- Henry C. McMillan (K) --- Sebe (Seaborn) Reynolds (B) --- James J. Rhodes (B) --- Jesse S. Smith (G) --- Obanion R.H. Spurling (C) --- Edwin J. Thornton (F) --- Stephen P. White (B) --- John W. Wiggins (A)

Captured: Thomas Taylor (H)

Big Shanty/Acworth, GA October 3-4, 1864

Killed: 1st Corp. Jasper Smith (D) --- John P. (T. or F.) Russell (F) --- Alfred D. Watkins (A)

Wounded: James Z. Stephens (F)

Champion Hill (Baker's Creek), MS May 16, 1863

Captured: Capt. Robert H. Crozier (I) (w) --- 5th Sgt. William S. Godbold (D) (w) William Brabham (B) --- Fountain Winston (Winstead) Butler (C) --- William Cain (I) --- Francis M. Carter (B) --- N. Columbus Cooper (I) --- George DeLaughter (C) --- Augustus W. Forsythe (K) --- W.H. Hamilton (H) --- Richard F. Hubbard (I) --- J. Jones (K) --- Elliott Longacre (K) --- Thomas Massey (C) --- Abner J. Mixon (B) --- John Tisdale Newman (B) --- Thomas Jefferson Red (C) --- William Rodman (H) --- Jacob Rushing (D) --- Levi James "Jackson" Sandifer (B) --- William C. Sharp (B) --- Champion F. Singleton (B) --- James F. White (B) --- Nathaniel F. Williams (G) --- William W. Wingate (C) George W. Woolsey (D)

Choctaw County, MS December 30 - 31, 1864

Captured: William J. Callahan (G)

Coahoma County, MS
January 1864 Captured: William Wirt Shaw (H) (13th)

February 1865 Captured: Martin H. Crow (H) (19th) Daniel E. Kirksey (H) (1st)


Corinth, MS October 3 - 6, 1862
Including Hatchie's (Davis') Bridge

Killed: Corp. J.I. Jolly (F) (@ widow's claim) --- John R. (J.J.) Brister (C) --- John C. Dunaway (E) --- James E. Lankford (I) (mw) --- William Sherwood Mariner (I) --- George L. Martindale (I) --- Peter Renfro (C)

Wounded: 2nd Lt. Frank L. Edwards (F) --- 1st Sgt. Thomas M. Barnes (H) --- 2nd Sgt. Fielding Hill (F) --- 3rd Sgt. George W. Perkins (B) --- 4th Sgt. Gustavus A. Bilbo (C) --- Corp. William Lawrence Smith (D) --- Edwin A. Bullock (H) --- Fountain Winston (Winstead) Butler (C) --- Duncan Byrd (D) (@ pension application) --- James Dalton (H) --- James Giles Eubanks (F) --- Wiley P. Gibson (K) --- Samuel M. Guest (I) --- G.W.H. Harrison (G) --- Byron McGuire (G) (left sick on road Oct 8) --- Isaac Anderson Riddle (Riddell) (F) --- William Nathaniel Sanford (C) --- Joseph Tapper (I)

Captured: William J. Booker (E) (apparently paroled) --- Adam Bacot (E) --- James G. Hill (G) --- Cary Longshore (G) --- William C. Obannion (G) (paroled Oct 13) --- Isaac Harvey Ragan (Reagan) (I) (paroled) --- Moses F. Rushing (D) (paroled) --- Noah F. Scott (I) (paroled Oct 13) --- William Tapper (I) (paroled Oct 13) --- Daniel McDonald (H)

Captured: (in North Mississippi during the months of November & December 1862)
3rd Sgt. Joel L. East (D) --- 1st Corp Absalom B. Linder (D) --- George W. Armstrong (I) --- John Burnes Corban (D) --- Richard H. Holland (I) --- Granville B. Kimball (H) --- Marion W. Sinclair (K) --- James O. Stubbs (I) --- James M. Turner (I) --- William Wills (Wells) (I) --- J.D. Wilson (K)


Decatur, AL October 26-29, 1864

Killed: G. William Kennedy (A) --- Vinson E. McElwain (A)

Wounded: Capt. Moses Jackson (K) --- 4th Sgt. Joseph C.S. Lenoir (E) --- Joseph E. McKay (F) --- Hucled E. Mason (C)

Deer Creek / Snyder's Bluff / Ft. Pemberton, MS Spring of 1863

Deer Creek:
Capt. Hiram Morgan (B)
Wounded: Daniel T. Archer (F)

Snyder's Bluff:
Killed: H.C. Jones (H)

Ft. Pemberton:
Killed (or mortally wounded): 2nd Lt. John H. Sanders (A) --- Alsey A. Sanders (A) --- W.H. "Bill" Watkins (A) (mw) --- E.W. "Like" Wells (A)


Franklin, TN November 30, 1864
Thanks to Tim Burgess for additional information and assistance.

Killed (or mortally wounded): Capt. John Powell (B) --- Capt. Marshall J. Rose (G) --- 1st Lt. Hugh Eugene Weathersby (K) --- 1st Sgt./Brevet Lt. (Color Bearer) Henry Clay Shaw (K) --- Ensign Owen Lewis Conerly (E) --- Sgt.-Major Charles Napoleon Batchelor Street (K) --- 1st Sgt. C. Franklin Robertson (I) --- 1st Sgt. Alexander George Stewart (B) --- 2nd Sgt. John L. Anderson (K) --- 2nd Corp.  Matthew Andrew Dunn (K) --- 5th Sgt. Patrick S. Newman (D) --- 1st Corp. Edwin A. May (K) (mw) --- 3rd Corp. Joseph M. Easley (G) --- Corp. Robert S. Capell (K) --- Thomas H. Atkins (K) --- James S. Cain (D) --- James G. Cox (K) (mw) --- Pinkney Dunaway (E) --- Joseph A. Dunn (K) --- Louis Dunn (C) --- Augustus W. Forsythe (K) --- Reuben Anderson Ham (C) (mw) --- William Newton Hampton (B) --- Henry C. Lea (K) --- John H. Shaw (A) --- Marion W. Sinclair (K) --- Abraham J. Wilson (B) (mw) --- Furney F. Wood (G)

Wounded: 2nd Lt. Samuel B. Brown (I) --- 3rd Corp. Joseph Sandifer Burns (C) --- Nathaniel S. Anderson (K) --- William C. Costley (D) --- Edward C. Dunn (K) --- Lewis M. Hollinger (D) --- Alfred Hardy McGuffee (C) --- Thomas A. Robinson (K) --- Franklin M. Sanders (A) --- Francis Marion Varnado (K)

Captured: Adjt. David W. Hurst, Jr. (K) --- Capt. James E. Simmons (A) --- 3rd Lt. Iverson G. Richmond (B) (w) --- 2nd Sgt. Barnabus O. Owens (A) --- Morris Buttermore (H) --- James Cadmus Causey (K) (w) --- Napoleon Bonaparte Cockerham (K) (w) --- Fleming T. Conerly (E) (w) --- Wiley P. Gibson (K) ---Charles H. Gordon (B) (w) --- John S. Hazelwood (K)  --- John Keeble (A) (w) --- Francis Columbus Maxwell (K) (w) --- Moses Eli McElveen (B) ---  Thomas Washington Payne (E) (w) --- Alfred H. Reagan (A) --- Ralzymon A. Rhodes (H) --- William H. Wilkinson (K) --- George B. Williams (B)


Jackson, MS 1863

Wounded: Eli Cupit (D) (May 1863)

Captured: Felix G. Andrews (K) (July 17,1863) --- Richard H. May (E) (July 17, 1863) --- William Franklin May (E) (July 17, 1863) --- James O. Stubbs (I) (May 16, 1863 - hospital) --- George J. Trantham (I) (July 19, 1863 - hospital)


Jonesboro, GA

Captured: Arthur Barrett (A) --- Ephram A. Hughey (B) --- Solomon Mason (A) --- William T. Goings (D)

Kennesaw Mountain, GA June 27, 1864

Wounded: Benjamin F. Phillips (F) --- Allen H. Smith (D) --- Commodore P. Smith (D)

Macon, GA April 30, 1865

Captured: Christopher Morgan Schoggen (I)


Montgomery, AL Hospital Date Unknown
Captured: John J. Clark (I)

Morton, MS February 7 - 14, 1864

Captured: Corp. Daniel Falby (F) A.L. Archer (F) --- Francis G. Carpenter (C) Pinkney Frederick (F) Andrew James Presley (F)

Nashville, TN & The Retreat to the Tennessee River December 1864

December 15:

Captured: 1st Sgt. David Treadwell (F) (w) --- John Deweese (A) --- William J. Evans (G) --- John M. Henry (A) --- Washington Franklin Owens (A) --- Jeremiah A. Rickles (F) --- James Simmons (A)

MIA: John D. McPhail (F]

December 16:

Wounded: David Winfield Cunningham (D)

Captured: 1st Sgt. John Y. Middleton (I) --- Alexander A. Cooper (I) --- John D. Drummond (K) --- James Lafayette Gay (K) --- Levi Heath? (A) --- Lewis W. Heist (H) --- William P. McGinty (I) --- John W. Parnell (C) --- George W. Roberts (B) --- Wiley Rushing (H) --- David J. Schoggen (Scoggin) (I) --- Joseph D. Williams (B)

MIA: Charles Newman (B)

From here to the end of the month all names are those who were captured.

December 17:
2nd Lt. William Russell Edwards (F) --- 4th Sgt. Francis Columbus Maxwell (K) --- 1st Corp. Jesse Dunaway (E) (detailed as nurse --- left in hands of enemy) --- Seaborn Covington (K) --- James H. Ezell (D) --- David Zebulon McGuffee (C) --- James Smith (D) --- Gwin L. Summers (C) --- Thomas A. Weathersby (C) --- Andrew J. Wharton (I)

December 19:
2nd Sgt. John R. Richardson (H)

December 21:
James Harrison Toler (K) (w)

December 22:
William Sanhope Cooper (I) --- Lewis M. Hollinger (D) --- James Buchannon Steele (K)

December 24:
J.J. Hart (K)

December 25:
James Jefferson Anderson (K) --- Peter L. Ray (K)

December 26:
James M. Wilson (K)

December 28:
Isaac H.N. Dunn (C) --- Cary Longshore (G)

Natchez, MS August 25, 1863

Captured: Jackson Kniece (K)

New Hope Church, GA May 25 - 31, 1864

Killed (or mortally wounded): Lt. Col. John Harrod (G) (mw) --- Capt. James C. Sharp (H) --- 1st Sgt. Thomas M. Barnes (H) (mw) --- 5th Sgt. Asa J. Mayo (A) --- Solomon Benton (I) (mw) --- George M. Gregory (G) (mw) --- Crawford Newton Jordan (C) --- Andrew J. Reid (Reed) (A) --- Roland B. Savell (A) --- Marshal Rufus Stansberry (Stansbury) (H) (mw) --- Shadrach J. Tullos (A) (CSR: Greensboro Hosp Mar 19, 1865/OS:kia) --- George A. Wheeler (K) --- Archibald W. Wiggins (A) --- William S. Winfield (A)

Wounded: Major Robert Julius Hall (F) --- 3rd Sgt. William M. Hare (I) --- 5th Sgt. Patrick S. Newman (D) --- Corp. James Huens (Hughens) (A) --- David Cornelius (H) --- George H. Jones (I) --- William C. Jordan (A) --- Jesse M. Kees (C) --- Adam Max (K) --- Thomas J. Shields (I) --- J. William Shoemake (H) --- George W. Wiggins (A) --- John Cain Wilkinson (K) Daniel James Wilson (A)

Captured: John R. Banks (G) --- Ellis Tucker (F)

MIA: William W. Macon (G)


North Carolina 1865 --- Date/Battle Unknown

Wounded: Nathaniel S. Anderson (K) --- Joel W. Barnett (I) Alexander Price (H)


Peachtree Creek, GA July 20, 1864

NOTE: Some published reports (often based on the "memories" of the participants who returned home after the war) state that an individual was "killed in action" when in reality they had been wounded, perhaps mortally, or captured and died in a Federal Hospital. I have used the Compiled Service Records as my guide in which category to place the names in this listing. Even so, there are still discrepancies.

Killed (or mortally wounded): Col. Jabez L. Drake (F) --- Capt. John W. Sharkey (F) --- 1st Lt. David A. Herring (D) - Commanding when killed) --- 2nd Lt. Milton J.M. Dobbin(s) (H) (mw) --- 2nd Lt. Richard Austin Miskell (E) --- 2nd Lt. Simon J. Kennedy (A) (mw) --- 1st Sgt. Mather E. Pittman (G) --- 1st Sgt. James L. Varnado (B) (mw) --- 3rd Sgt. Hardin E. Dixon (Dickson) (G) (mw) --- 3rd Sgt. William J. Lamkin (E) --- 4th Sgt. William D. Deskin (A) --- 4th Sgt. James S. Gwin (C) (mw) --- 4th Sgt. Joseph P. West (G) --- 5th Sgt. Hugh R. Sharp (H) --- 1st Corp. Theodore C. Mixon (A) --- 2nd Corporal John S. Burgess (I) (mw) --- 3rd Corp. Prince A. Russell (A) --- 4th Corp. Edward J. Wrenn (I) (mw) --- Edward Alexander Buckley (D) --- John Witey Buckley (D) --- Hiram P. Dabbs (F) (mw) --- Jasper (Joseph) Elliott (G) (mw) --- James A. Fields (G) (mw) --- Martin P. Foil (E) --- James H. Ford (H) --- James F. Hall (D) (mw) --- John T. Harvey (E) --- Emanuel Hickman (C) --- Golding F. Hill (G) (mw) --- John C. Humphries (I) (mw) --- Abner L. Lamkin (E) --- William L. Lee (A) --- Samuel R. Lewis (E) (mw) --- William B. Middleton (G) (mw) --- Joseph B. Mitchell (D) --- Green W. Morgan (E) --- William N. Morgan (E) --- Lawrence Osburn (E) --- Gideon B. Russell (A) --- Tate Russell (A) ----- W.B. Russell (A) --- Elijah Hickerson Smith (C) (mw) --- Winsor H. Spinks (B) --- James Tarver (D) --- Thomas P. Tarver (B) (mw) --- Zachariah Williams (C)

Wounded: Capt. Lewis Clark Maxwell (C) --- Capt. James E. Simmons (A) --- 1st Lt. Hampton Wall (B - commanding) --- 2nd Lt. David F. Cadenhead (A) --- 2nd Lt. John Madison May (C) (OS: wounded New Hope Church) --- 1st Sgt. Elihu May (C) --- 1st Sgt. Thomas Dilla Richmond (E) --- 1st Sgt. Daniel William Russell (A) --- 1st Sgt. David Treadwell (F) --- 2nd Sgt. Andrew J. Allen (F) --- 3rd Sgt. William D. Coleman (D) --- 4th Sgt. Caswell N. Newsom (H) --- 5th Sgt. Francis E. Downey (B) --- 1st Corp. Lawson H. Hill (G) --- 1st Corp. Alva W. Middleton (I) --- 2nd Corp. James L. Dunn (H) --- 2nd Corp. Lucius M. Quinn (E) --- 3rd Corp. Joseph Sandifer Burns (C) --- 4th Corp. John M. High (G) --- Corp. James Ellison Cockerham (B) --- Corp. Andrew Jackson Hudson (A) --- Corp. Allen S. Tucker (F) --- Corp. Kincheon R. Webb, Jr. (B) --- Musician Mitchell P. Derden (I) --- L.W. Allen (A) --- David H. Bailey (F) --- Henry Clay Baker (I) --- George W. Briley (E) --- Edwin A. Bullock (H) --- James S. Cain (D) --- Richard T. Carter (B) --- Alfred T. Childress (G) --- E. Judson Cockcroft (F) --- Seaborn L. Cupit (D) --- (4th Corp.) John A. Dorsey (F) --- William B. Dowdy (G) --- Louis Dunn (C) --- William M. Edwards (F) --- William P. Edwards (A) --- Ephram A. Hughey (B) --- Levi (Leonidas) Lard (Laird) (H) --- Francis Marion Lee (E) --- Richard E. Legg (H) --- William W. Livingston (A) --- Howell McDaniel (B) --- James C. Morman (Marmon) (G) --- Patrick Murphy (H) --- John P. Poe (G) --- Benjamin G. Powell (A) --- Isaac Anderson Riddle (Riddell) (F) --- McCager C. Sanders (A) --- Jasper Savell (A) --- Robert A. Shields (I) --- Pleasant M. Smith (D) --- Edward F. Speikes (Speaks) (D) --- Calvin R.G. Spurling (C) --- James M. Stewart (B) --- Zephaniah J. Summers (C) (OS: wounded Jul 22 --- Atlanta) --- John Elijah Wiggins (G)

Captured: Capt. John S. Lamkin (E) --- 2nd Lt. Andrew G. West (G) (mw) --- 1st Sgt. David Holmes (E) --- 2nd Sgt. George W. Hill (G) (w-7/21) --- 2nd Sgt. (Ensign) Edwin F. Leavell (H) (mw) --- Ensign William M. Cope (I) (mw) --- 5th Sgt. Samuel A. Carter (I) --- 5th Sgt. Paschal McGuire (McGiven) (G) --- Sgt.? Marion (Monroe) L. Spencer (H) --- 2nd Corp. Alonzos M. Flippin (C) (mw) --- 3rd Corp. Raiford Holmes (E) (mw) --- 4th Corp. William G. Holmes (E) (w) --- James Terrell Bailey (G) --- Thomas M. Bingham (G) --- Newton J. Bonner (I) (w) --- James A. Bowen (G) (7/22) --- Benjamin Henry Buckley (D) (w) --- Robert C. Cannon (G) --- Mason Carver (or Marian Carder) (G) (w) --- Lewis (Levi) Ellzey (E) (mw) --- Newton M. Felder (I) (w) --- Caswell Finch (I) (mw) --- James Flowers (I) --- William J. Helms (G) (w) --- George W. Hickman (H) --- James G. Hill (G) --- William W. Horne (F) --- David A.J. Kennedy (A) (w) --- Hardy P. Mayo (F) --- Meredith McDaniel (B) (w) --- John Hamil McDonald (A) (w) --- George P. Oliver (G) --- John Martin Oxford (A) (mw) --- Benjamin S. Poe (G) --- James H. Pollard (I) (w) --- William H. Ringer (G) --- Silas C. Rushing (E) (w) --- Thomas S. Shuford (H) --- William Green Smith (D) (w) --- John H. Tharp (G) --- James J. Wallace (D) --- George W. Ward (D) --- Benjamin Franklin Ware (E)

MIA: 3rd Lt. William B. Raiford (B) (w) (later returned) --- 3rd Lt. Warren R. Ratliff (E) --- 3rd Sgt. Joel L. East (D) --- 3rd Corp. Isaac S. Burt (D) --- George W. Gill (D) --- Isaac Hall (D) --- Granville B. Kimball (H) --- Thomas S. Lewis (G) --- Benjamin F. Martin (G) --- James Barton Miller (H) --- William S. Owens (H) --- Francis M. Patterson (G) --- John W. Phillips (G) --- Augustus E. Russell (A) [discharged by substitute --- yet continued on roll] --- William Columbus Sermons (D) (mia/c at Liberty, MS) --- William R. Towles (G)

Pine Mountain Area, GA June 1864

Killed: Josiah P. Lea (K)

Wounded: George A. Frazier (G) --- Jesse M. Kees (C)

Captured: John R. Banks (G)


Salisbury, NC April 12, 1865

Captured: 5th Sgt. Lorenzo Dow Posey (D)


Skirmishes from Kennesaw Mtn. To Peachtree Creek, GA July 1864

Killed: Thomas M. Murphy (I) (4th) Andrew Jackson Turpin (I) (4th)

Wounded: Joseph Pendleton McGuffee (C) (9th)

Captured: James B. Wood (G) (10th)


Tuscaloosa, AL April 3, 1865

Captured: John F. Cardwell (I)

Vicksburg, MS Paroles July 4, 1863

1st Lt. Allen Scarborough (C) --- 1st Sgt. Tilman Watson McCarty (A) --- 1st Sgt. William B. Raiford (B) --- 2nd Sgt. Simeon H. Rush (A) --- Jeremiah Barber (A) --- John R. Duff (K) --- John R. Golding (Golden), Jr. (G) --- Hampton Hadley (A) --- Andrew J. Harvey (H) --- John W. Hibarger (H) --- T.J. Hughes (E) --- Daniel E. Kirksey (H) --- Calvin M. McCarty (A) --- Joseph J. McGinty (I) --- William C. Obannion (G) --- John Martin Oxford (A) --- John W. Parnell (C) --- Joseph L. Ragan (I) --- Arthur Cunningham Rogers (G) --- Freelan H. Sermons (D) --- Henry E. Shaw (A) --- John H. Shaw (A) --- Jesse Shumake (G) --- James Simmons (A) --- William C. Spears (I) --- Isaac H. Tarver (D) --- Wilson Travis (B)

From the Hospital: Daniel G. Cupit (D) --- D. Fuget (D) --- Ira F. Golding (Golden) (G) --- James Harrington (E) --- Stephen Jackson (E) --- John W. May (E) --- Evan C. Rushing (E) Uriah K. Rushing (E)


Yazoo City and Hospital May 21 1863

Captured and paroled: Hugh Boyte (H) --- John M. McGaha (E) William A. Phelps (G) William E. Reeves (H) Daniel W. Tillotson (K)

Died In Service

(usually of disease, but some from wounds in an unidentified battle) (pow= died in prison)

Company A : John W. Duncan Hut Emmons Charles Jefferson Futch Robert J. Futch Francis M. Hammons James J. Hardage John Lee R.B. Livingston John F. McNair Robert G. Nicholson Isam Eccles Peoples Nathaniel H. Ray Alex B. Savell Leonard Slaughter John Smith R. Wadle Judson Watkins Thomas B. Watkins Neill Alexander Wilson

Company B: Henry Ballard William Brabham (pow) --- A. Davis Davis Jones Samuel P. Mixon --- Levi James Sandifer (pow) --- William C. Sharp (pow) Jordan W. Taylor Wilson Travis William R. Travis R.H. Varnado
James F. White (pow) --- J.W. Williams

Company C: 1st Sgt. Festus A. Stamps Jesse R. Allen Fountain Winston (Winstead) Butler (pow) --- Rholin C. Breeden Perry Carlisle John Crane Andrew J. Douglass, Jr. Benjamin F. Douglass William P. Farver G.H. Garner G.W. Garner Isaiah Givens John S. Griffith Benjamin H. Gunnells Anderson Ham Perry Commodore Kees Joseph W. Laird Hampton B. Martin --- Jessie M. Maxwell Lewis W. Maxwell James M. May Delton Cobb Moore Orval L. Myres Joe Nations Norvell Nolan Richard J. Ratcliff B.F. Sauls A.G. Brown Smith John Martin Smith A.C. Stephens James C. Stewart Edward Mitchell White

Company D: 1st Lt. Lucien J. Scott 2nd Lt. Daniel S. Coleman 5th Sgt. James H. Smith John Chapman William H. Crumpton William R. Ezell John J. Freeman Dudley M. Howard William Jones Felix Nobles Jesse H. Rials William F. Roberts Jacob Rushing (pow) --- G.L. Scott C. Shell William Green Smith (pow) --- William Tarver Roan F. Wentworth Michael Williams

Company E: 1st Sgt. David Holmes (pow) --- 3rd Corp. Hiram G. Ware Henry S. Bonney Thomas F. Bullock Mason (Marion) Carver (Carder) (pow) --- Thomas Crosby James M. Donahue Dennis Dunaway (accidental discharge of rifle) Charles Fritz David Crockett Garner Newland J. Ginn J. Arrington Hammond - William Jackson Harrington Jesse C. Holmes Allen T. King Alexander Morgan F.M. Price W.F. Quinn Calvin Ratliff Alex C. Rogers Silas C. Rushing (pow) --- Joseph F. Sandifer Wallace Sandifer Hugh J. Thompson

Company F: Stephen J. Alderman John F. Andleton A. L. Archer (pow) --- W.J. Boyd Pinkney Frederick ---
James Harrell John Harroll [previous two may be the same man] Levi Howell F.M. Lockley (Lockler) Wesley Lockley (drowned) Isaiah Parish Frank Shearer R.Z. Smith E.G. Wallace Charles H. Walton

Company G: Corp. Joseph James Worthy John R. Banks (pow) --- A.J. Colvin Isaac G. Duskins J.J. Easley William J. Evans (pow) --- Thomas E. Martin Benjamin S. Poe (pow) --- Riley N. Tharp --- Nathaniel F. Williams (pow)

Company H: 1st Lt. R.E. Clopton Thomas Hamilton W.H. Hamilton (pow) --- George W. Hickman (pow) --- H. McNeal Hickman T.R. Legg John Lendower (Lindaur) Joseph Lovedale A.M. McLean (McLane) E.A. Montgomery A.C. Moody William M. Moore James E. Pate W.B. Rickman John J. Sirman (Sermon) C.A. Sneed

Company I: 4th Sgt. Joseph (James) Edward Morgan 5th Sgt. William Fawcett 5th Sgt. William B. Markham George W. Armstrong (pow) --- William Cain (pow) --- Daniel Cook William Sanhope Cooper (pow) --- Levi Douglas John N. (W.) Fly John Johnson George Jones William J. Lankford Wiley J. McElroy Joseph J. McGinty Asbury D. Perkins Miles H. Pollard David J. Schoggen (Scoggin) (pow) George M. Schoggen (Scoggin) James M. Turner (pow) --- Charles Walter Francis M. Young

Company K: 5th Sgt. Cecil B. Strawn Felix G. Andrews (pow) --- W.B. Crosby George Asa Duck Charles Everett David Barton Ferguson J.E. Ferguson I. (J.) M. Frith Hewitt Gordon Jackson Harkness Gabriel W. Harrington William P. Johns Iverson Green Lea William H. McGehee Joseph Nunnery A.S.M. Ratcliff James Buchannon Steele (pow) --- Martin Whittington

Word of caution: to those who might want to "lift" this list to post on other web sites or publish in book form. This is personal research and a compilation of works and is not in the public domain, thus IT MAY BE COPYRIGHTED BY ME ... AND IT IS!

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