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This section
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This section
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Biographies, Photos and Anecdotes

Company A
Allen, L. W. - memoriam
Barrett, Arthur - biography
Barrett, William Grant - photo, biography & anecdote
Edwards, William Patrick - photo & biography
Henry, John M. - biography
Henry, Joseph Alexander - photo & biography
Hudson, Andrew Jackson - photo & biography
Mason, Solomon - photo & biography
McCarty, Tillman Watson - photo & anecdote
McMillan, Duncan E. - memoriam
Owens, Barnabus O. - biography
Oxford, John Martin - biography
Simmons, James E. - anecdote written by Daniel J. Wilson of Company A
Wilson, Daniel J. - memoriam
Young, Lewis - photo & biography

Company B
Carter, Francis M. - photo & biography
Cockerham, James Ellison, Jr. - biography
Felder, C. C. - photo & biography
Hamilton, John French - biography
Mixon, Abner J. - biography
Morgan, Hiram - biography
Newman, John Tisdale - photo & biography
Powell, John - photo & biography
Roberts, George Washington - biography
Taylor, Jordan W. - biography
Taylor, Nimrod A. - biography
Wall, Elijah B. - biography
Wall, Hampton - photo & biography

Company C
CSA Vets Reunion - photo - 1905 Brookhaven, MS (Clark Maxwell, J.M. May, Allen Smith, Winston Mason, A.M. Summers, Alfred Smith, Alec Reeves, Dr. G.R. Robertson.
Breeden, Rholin Chiles - Biography
Burns, Joseph Sandifer - photo #1- biography & anecdote - #2 - biography
Byrne, R.O. - #1 - memoriam - #2 - additional information
Ham, Anderson - photo & biography
Ham, James D. - photo & biography
Ham, Reuben Anderson - photo & biography
Jordan, Simeon - memoriam
Kees, Jesse Maxwell - biography
Kees, Martin Van Buren - photo, biography & obit
Kees, Perry Commodore - biography
Lovell, Andrew J. - #1 - memoriam - #2 - biography
Mason, C.H. [actually Hucled E.] - #1 - memoriam & anecdote - #2 - biography
Mason, John H. - biography
Mason, Winston C. - biography
McGuffee, Alfred Hardy - photo & biography
Moore, Delton Cobb - biography
Nations, Abraham - memoriam
Parnell, John Westley - biography
Smith, Elijah Hickerson - biography
Smith, John Martin - biography
Summers, A. M. - biography
Summers, Gwin L. - biography
Summers, Zephaniah J. - photo & biography

Company D
Bonds, Alexander Hamilton - biography
Cain, James S. - biography
Corban, John Burnes - photo & brief information
Costley, William C. - biography
Cupit, Daniel G. - biography
Cupit, Eli - photo & biography
Cupit, John E. - biography
Cupit, Joseph S. - biography
Cupit, Seaborn L. - biography
Cupit, William M. - biography
Day, Sanford G. - biography
East, Joel L. - biography
Furr, Isaac Newton - biography
Godbold, William S. - biography
Hall, James Ford - biography
Herring, David Alexander - photo & biography
Jackson, Gilbert E. - biography
Jackson, William - biography
Knapp, Ezra - biography
Laird, Victor E. - biography
Lofton, Cyrus - biography
Lofton, Guinn - biography
Magee, Lewis L. - photo & biography
McCaa, Isaac Newton - photo & biography
McIntyre, Duncan - photo & biography
Moore, Henry Pope -  photo & biography
Moore, John W. - biography
Moore, Willis A. - biography
Osteen, John J. - memoriam
Porter, Albert Quincy - photo & biography
Posey, Lorenzo Dow - biography
Rushing, Jacob - biography
Scott, Lucien J. -biography
Scott, Thomas Jefferson - photo & biography
Sirman (Sermons), Freeling Huysan - biography
Sirman (Sermons), Jesse M. - biography
Smith, Allen Harrison - biography
Smith, Brantley - photo & biography
Smith, Commodore Perry - biography
Smith, James K. Polk - biography
Smith, Jasper - biography
Smith, Pleasant M. - biography
Smith, Ransom Edward - biography
Smith, Thomas Jefferson - biography
Smith, William Green - biography
Smith, William Lawrence - biography
Tarver, James Jenkins - biography
Wallace, James Jeremiah - biography
Webb, Kincheon R. - #1 snippet from a letter describing him & #2 brief death notice
Westbrook, Allen Newton - biography
Wright, James Ferdinand - biography

Company E
Conerly, Chauncy Porter - photo & brief biography
Conerly, Fleming Tynes - brief biography
Conerly, James Rayford - brief biography
Conerly, Mark Russell - brief biography
Conerly, Owen Lewis - brief biography
Conerly, William Marion - brief biography
Ginn, Newland Jack - biography
Lamkin, John T. - photo & biography

Company F

Company G
Bailey, James T. - obituary
Childress, Alfred Thomas - biography
Dowdy, William Barkley - anecdote
Harrod, John - photo & biography
Harrod, William L. - photo & biography
High, John M. - biography
Synnott, Oliver Towles - photo & anecdote
Tinnon, James M. - photo & biography

Company H
Rushing, Wiley - photo & biography

Company I
Bearden, Andrew Jackson - biography
Brown, Samuel B. - memoriam
Cansler, Abel Theodore - photo & biography
Covington, John M. - biography
Crozier, Robert H. - biography
Fowler, William Franklin - biography
Hubbard, Richard Floyd - biography, memoriam & photo
Middleton, Thomas B. - photo and birth/death dates
Morgan, Charles Augustus - photo & biography
Schoggen, Christopher Morgan - biography

Company K
Anderson, James Jefferson - photo & biography
Anderson, John L. - biography
Callender, John Rentz - biography
Capell, Robert Smith - biography
Causey, James Cadmus - biography
Causey, James Monroe - biography
Cox, James G. (or C.) - biography
Dobyns, Albert Gallatin - biography
Drummond, John D. - biography
Drummond, William Henry - biography
Duck, David Madison - biography
Duck, Elisha Morgan - biography
Duck, George Asa - biography
Duff, Cecil F. - biography
Duff, Johnathan Richard - biography
Dunn, Mathew Andrew - biography
Durham, John Falkner - photo & biography
Hurst, David Wiley - biography
Jackson, Moses - photo & biography
Jenkins, Ira Allen - photo & biography
Johns, William P. - biography
Shaw, Henry Clay - biography
Shaw, John S. - biography
Smiley, James - biography
Smiley, Nathaniel Frances - biography
Smylie, Thomas Batchelor - biography
Street, Charles Napoleon Batchelor - biography
Street, Thomas Parke - biography
Thompson, Silas Hale - photo & biography
Whittington, Andrew Jackson - photo & biography
Wilkinson, John Cain - photo & biography

Do you have a photo, biographical information, obituary, memoriam, anecdote or family story you would like to contribute about your 33rd Mississippi ancestor? Do you have any war letters (it doesn't matter if they do not contain any events about the war), diaries or journals --- what about letters or newspaper accounts after the war that detail events? Contact me with the details and I will post it here.

Be sure to include the following

  • name of your 33rd Mississippi ancestor and his company

  • your relationship to him

  • your full name (and also, indicate whether you want me to link your name to your e-mail address, so that you may be contacted by other readers)

Guidelines For Biographical Submissions
The purpose of this section is to honor the memories of the members of the 33rd Mississippi Infantry and recognize the contributions they made to their families and communities. Please follow these guidelines for submissions. I reserve the right to edit.

  1. Photos in uniform are ideal. Photos after the war in civilian clothes are ok, even with spouse or in a small group.

  2. Anecdotes and items of general interest, war-related or as civilians, are more than welcome, because they give us an insight into the individual members of the regiment.

  3. I am unable to list family histories.

  4. Please be as brief as possible - the web space is limited.

  5. Biographical info may contain:
    a. parents
    b. relationship (brothers, cousins, etc.) to others in the 33rd
    c. birth place & date
    d. war record
    e. marriage & number of children
    f. accomplishments and contributions after the war
    g. death and burial information

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